San Francisco Tribe (duckwrth, afrodeiiity, alfie and josh farria)

The main reason I felt so at home in San Francisco was due to all the beautiful creative people that I connected with in my short time there. In my experience true happiness and purpose is found in the community you surround yourself with. Find your tribe to unlock life. Trust that.


afrodeiiity for my Wombmoon Series.


Instagram: Brittsense

Wombmoons treat yourself with Unconditional Love & Care, Not because you’re Fragile, but because you’re worthy. Embrace the Earth you have Created by allowing your Existence Overstanding & Growth. Teach your daughters & sisters the ability of nurturing, & being unapologetic for anything they stand for. Teach them to have patience & acceptance towards every moment that flows through their journey & that they should always have unconditional love for Self because they are the creators & their beyond worthy. Teach them that it’s okay to not fall under any titles but the title of being who they are. Teach them that evolving & growth is needed so they won’t become complacent & reach ceilings because their minds are supposed to constantly expand. STAY WOKE.


Models: @afrodeiiity @duckwrth

Instagram: @Brittsense



Love Will always be LOVE, it’s the individuals in the common bond that give it POWER. Love will always start with SELF & is the most powerful emotion through any coexisting… With pure forces it will always flow Naturally. KNOWLEDGE of Self allows us to appreciate Love. You won’t be able to spread love to others without feeling it within yourself FIRST. UNCONDITIONAL Love is Love without our needs attached. You are able to look fully outside yourself & through any conditions still give Love.. To give LOVE unconditional is to OVERSTAND. If you allow yourself to identify with Love, Your able to receive it purely. When you master building FOUNDATIONS instead of SOCIETY RELATIONSHIPS you will see that the difference between the 2 is that in 1 the person acknowledges your existence before their involvement & dosent label or change it, but enhances, learns & ADDs to what is already there. These actions allow GROWTH & EVOLVING. We are all Connected & Reflections of LOVE . . Hotep. #Brittsense