While in the city last week for Montreal Fashion Week, courtesy of @Afrobrownies of course, I discovered Eva B, a thrift store on Saint-Laurent street downtown Montreal.

Eva B is not one of those stores where you just browse around for five minutes and have a good sense of what the place is about. It’s literally a treasure hunt! Various items hang from the walls, books and bags are piled up on the side as you walk in.

In spite of its jungle-like nature, Eva B has its own artistic charm. Racks of clothes from every era–for a good while I was trapped in the 60s obsessing over the bold patterns and mini dresses–and in every corner is hidden a great find. It was in one of the shoe racks hanging on the wall that I found these bright red vintage slip-ons. I’m obsessed with them! To think that I almost didn’t try them on because they looked too small!




For a couple of years now, I have been an avid lover of the Net. Spending hours on end, browsing, in search of something. It started out as the then trendy email correspondence along with its trusty sidekick : MSN. It later blossomed into one multi-tasking, tab-adding frenzy of replies, chats, audios & videos. Soon, the correspondence lessened and MSN was auto-banned (for preservation of sanity) restricting my online activity to a profound daily search of interesting sounds by interesting people, mainstream & underground, to tickle eardrum, send all kinds of signals to CNS & perform clear visible response in the nodding of head or the tapping of fingers on desk.

My love for the Internet intensified once I discovered the vast world of blogging. That was years ago, before I had my own personal computer. This world opened up to me through a friend, who blogged about all things girly, and couple-ly and just plain human-ly. One particular subject caught my attention : hair. I found out that yes, hair was something to blog about. Especially when it was, thick, voluminous & coily. In one word : different. My hair exactly. I am not going to turn this introduction into a post about hair, nor am I going to justify the importance of its mention. I am solely explaining the route that got me to this point in time, pitstops and all.

The encounter of hair blogs led me to that of fashion blogs. After all, everything in the blogosphere is linked, in one way or the other. The Domino Effect was in full… well, effect : I discovered photography blogs, self-help blogs, feminist blogs, great blogs and only-visited-once blogs. By that stage, I was ready to marry the Internet & renew vows everyday in gratitude to what she had brought me : INFORMATION. Blogs and blogs and blogs of it.

I joined the virtual “blogcircle” thanks to Twitter, the micro-blog. I am now eager & ready for an upgrade. Grass-hopping from micro to macro. Very similar to how one would update their latest Windows version.

I have only one dilemma : Install Update or Ask Me Later ?

The Battle

Tired of the battle
Filled with all kind of exhaustion
I take a look and ogle
At my tired, wary reflection.
At least now I see bits of me in the mirror
Unthinkable vision the months anterior
To this moment. I own it.
Me & only me.
I cry, victory tears
As I have managed to defeat
The demon that once lived deep down inside of me.

—  -Afrobrownies