While in the city last week for Montreal Fashion Week, courtesy of @Afrobrownies of course, I discovered Eva B, a thrift store on Saint-Laurent street downtown Montreal.

Eva B is not one of those stores where you just browse around for five minutes and have a good sense of what the place is about. It’s literally a treasure hunt! Various items hang from the walls, books and bags are piled up on the side as you walk in.

In spite of its jungle-like nature, Eva B has its own artistic charm. Racks of clothes from every era–for a good while I was trapped in the 60s obsessing over the bold patterns and mini dresses–and in every corner is hidden a great find. It was in one of the shoe racks hanging on the wall that I found these bright red vintage slip-ons. I’m obsessed with them! To think that I almost didn’t try them on because they looked too small!