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Doomfist/Lucio got popular all of a sudden coz they’re the biggest contrast/compare couple in Overwatch atm:

  • Offense/Healer, Red/Green, Tall/Small, Bull/Frog, Gold/Iron, Robot Arms/Robot Legs, Hero/Villain, Born in wealth/Born in poverty, Bald/Ponytail, Markings/Tattoos, Doomfist is 45/Lucio is 26.
  • Lucio led a rebellion/Doomfist leads Talon.
  • Both are canonically stationed in Numbani (Lucio for his show, Doomfist escaping prison).
  • Efi and Orisa idolize Lucio but are direct rivals with Doomfist.
  • Like Lucio, Doomfist is musically inclined; sporting headphones in his design and comparing his fights to rhythm. 
  • His voice actor (Sahr Ngaujah) starred in the afrobeat broadway musical “Fela!” - playing the role of the real world musical activist, Fela Kuti. 
  • Lucio’s entire character is the definition of Doomfist’s ideology.
  • Both of their ults launch themselves into the air; Doomfist’s strike breaks through Lucio’s barriers/Lucio’s barriers can stop Doomfist’s strike.
  • They can both boop.
Water No Get Enemy
Fela Kuti
Water No Get Enemy

Soulful Afrobeat vibes from the mid-70s.

Born in 1938 to a prominent Nigerian family, Fela quickly immersed himself in music, and was able to travel to London to study it at The Trinity College. Following this he began to work as a trumpeter and bandleader, and by the late 60s he stood out as one of west Africa’s most innovative and energetic musicians. His career saw him release dozens of Jazz, Highlife and Afrobeat records, right up until the 1990s before his death in 1997. Throughout his life he also gained a reputation as a political activist, pushing for an end to imperialist oppression across Africa, and greater human rights for its citizens.

Ojuelegba (Remix) ft. Drake & Skepta
Ojuelegba (Remix) ft. Drake & Skepta


Due to last week’s special #MUSICTuesday, what I had planned before has been served to you all today. Not much to say here that hasn’t already been heard, but if you haven’t heard this collaboration yet then you’re really missing out on some good music. Wizkid + Drake + Skepta?? That’s 3 different continents’ worth of music people.

Ojuelegba (Remix) - Wizkid Ft. Drake & Skepta


Today marks twenty years since Fela Kuti sadly passed away.  He may not be with us in the physical but his legacy is very much alive and present today. Many African artists are musicians today because of the musical influence that Fela had on them from a young age, some even incorporate or try to incorporate his sound into their music and till today many homes in Nigeria and Abroad still blast Fela through their speakers appreciating the sweet sounds that he made.

Last year, I had the opportunity to meet Dele Sosimi (a keyboards player in Fela’s Egypt 80 band), Tony Allen (who played with Fela from the early 1960s) and Lemi Ghariokwu (the talented graphic artist behind some of the amazing  Fela Kuti’s album sleeves) and it was such an honour to hear some of their memories about Fela Kuti and have the opportunity to ask them questions about him. They gave us an insight that is not necessarily captured on some documentaries or articles.

As we continue to blast Fela’s music through our speakers and be influenced by him, may his legacy continue to live on.

“Music is a weapon of the future / music is the weapon of the progressives / music is the weapon of the givers of life”. – Fela Kuti

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