Am I the only one that doesn’t hate their 4c hair? I mean when I first went natural I was like tf is this why don’t I have loose curls??? But I’ve been natural for about 5ish years (on and off though, i’d put a relaxer in once in a while because I was like I can’t do this, it’s too much work). At the beginning of the year I got a low cut because I like cutting my hair and it’s August and my hair is a medium-short afro now. I really like the way it looks now because when I do a twist out and use an afro pick to shape it? You can’t tell me SHIT.
The only thing I’m really struggling with is breakage. My hair breaks like it’s nobody’s business with or without protective styles. I recently did a protein treatment and the breakage has reduced quite a bit actually but there’s still some breakage. I honestly don’t know what to do about that.