Did anyone else’s dad (or mom) have one of these? I remember being totally enamoured with my dad’s when I was little– for some reason I thought the fist at the end was so great, even though I obviously had no idea what it stood for at that age. Maybe it was just the radical in me stirring.

 If it wasn’t for the fact that those metal prongs are probably murder on your hair, I’d totally get one for myself now.


_AnthonyARivers_(instagram)/@Doctor_Rios shared this experience story with me on twitter. Some of you may have seen or known of him as a somewhat “look-a-like” on instagram :)

He’s a fan of Bruno and actually went to Jason Schneidman (Bruno’s hairdresser) yesterday to get his own hair cut. Anthony said that Jason was the one who suggested to him that he should get the same current whomp hairstyle as Bruno (“he said "dude you should do the cut I just gave to bruno”“).

And being a "super nice guy”, Jason gave him Bruno’s afro pick to keep (I asked for clarification and he said it is Bruno’s actual one, not just the same product aha)