Afro-inks by EDDAVIEL

Afro-inks aims to create an afro-caribbean fantasy from a series of weekly illustrations for Afropunk using as an starting point expressions of the people featured in “Afro of the day”. Afro-inks is a line created by a drop of ink that becomes into the expression of African traits mixed with the Taino culture and European elements that merged into what the Caribbean is today: three continents which constitute the cultural diversity of our land. #Love it!

8. Put coins above your front door to bring prosperity into your home.

9. Cook Black eyed peas on New Years Day for Good Luck.

10. Itching palms are a sign of coming money.

11. Don’t put your purse on the floor or you’ll stay broke.

12. Fish dreams mean someones pregnant.

13. Splitting the pole brings bad luck.

14. Ringing in the ear/ jumping in the eye means someones talking about you

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Afro-Latino Community Stands In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter At NYC Festival
"We are no longer in the shadows. Justice and Healing must happen.”

Afro-Latinos in New York City represented in a major way over the weekend.

The 4th Annual Afro-Latino Festival kicked off Friday with a series of panels that explored the nuances of Afro-Latino identity and continued throughout the weekend with a series of concerts, parties and festivities.

Co-founded and co-directed by Afro-Panamanian singer-songwriter Mai-Elka Prado Gil and her partner Amilcar Maceo Priestley, who is also Afro-Panamanian, the festival aimed to affirm, celebrate and educate people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds about Afro-Latino culture and identity. “Our objective is to educate ourselves as Afro-Latinos, as well as the broader community of Latinos, and everybody else about some of the issues that we are concerned about, but in solutions-driven manner,” Priestley told The Huffington Post Sunday.

Among the issues discussed during Friday’s panels and throughout the weekend were Afro-Latinx feminism and the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. and across Latin America.