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Let's play a game : recasting every white woman from the MCU with women of color.

YA LET’S and i’m unna start w wanda bc she was by far done the wrongest, I think, and in honor of international rromani day having just passed.

WANDA MAXIMOFF: okay so someone did this amazing fancast for her a while back [iss here] and I think my favorite of the bunch is Ayọ by simple virtue of That Melanin

NATASHA ROMANOFF: why can’t she be an afro russian girl huh???

SHARON CARTER: lunaaltare’s art forever changed me bc i always imagine sharon as nicole beharie thanks to some amazing fukin fanart what the fuck [iss here]

MARIA HILL: look u can try and pry this from my cold dead fingers but maria hill is latina and imma need everyone to acknowledge that shit, so i present to you arlenis sosa

PEGGY CARTER: two words – yaya dacosta


Divinity #1 (2015)      //    Valiant Comics

At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union – determined to win the Space Race at any cost – green lit a dangerously advanced mission. They sent a man farther into the cosmos than anyone has gone before or since. 

Lost in the stars, he encountered something unknown. Something that…changed him. Long thought lost and erased from the history books, he has suddenly returned, crash-landing in the Australian Outback. The few that have been able to reach him believe him to be a deity -– one who turned the scorched desert into a lush oasis. They say he can bend matter, space, and even time to his will. 

Story: Matt Kindt, art: Trevor Hairsine

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After the revolution several Black African and mixed-race families came to the Soviet Union under the auspices of the Comintern. They were chiefly specialists in the spheres of industrial production and agriculture. The technical equipment, modest means, and professional experience brought by them were an appreciable contribution to economic development of a new state. 

When African nations gained independence from colonialism, the Soviet Union offered scholarships to young people from these nations. About 400,000 Africans studied in the former Soviet Union between the late 1950s and 1990. The first significant arrival of Africans was for the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students held in Moscow in 1957.  (X)

The Soviets gave the African Americans red-carpet treatment, including fat paychecks, subsidized housing and free vacations.

“My father felt the U.S.S.R. treated him better than America,” said Tynes-Mensah, a former university chemistry instructor who was born in the Russian town of Krasnodar and now lives mainly in the United States, spending summers in Russia. “He was happy here.” (X)

Above: Sergei Fanuelovich Kotov (orphan of Ghanaian father and Russian mother), Ghanaian tribal king.

Aşkı tanıyan bir kadın, asIa aşktan azına razı oImaz ! Sahibi oIamayacağı boş sevdaIarda kiracı kaImaz .

Maxim Gorky

Görsel : “Harlem, 1970” by Anthony Barboza, in “Posing Beauty In African American Culture,” curated by Deborah Willis

I Loved You
I loved you, and I probably still do, 
And for a while the feeling may remain… 
But let my love no longer trouble you, 
I do not wish to cause you any pain. 
I loved you; and the hopelessness I knew,  The jealousy, the shyness - though in vain- 
Made up a love so tender and so true 
As may God grant you to be loved again.
—  Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, (translated by Genia Gurarie).

my first Skyrim character
okay so my actual first Skyrim character was an afro-russian giant named Drogon the bear wrestler but I didn’t finish the game with him, and I found the mods afterward so yeah.
her name’s Rim due to various in-game bullshit, and she’s riding the corner between true neutral and chaotic evil
I kinda want to draw Rim more, if only because she’s the most efficient killing machine I ever made in a game :v apparently if you’re stupid enough like me you can make heavy armor stealth work. Add dual wielding and throwing knives and you got a combine harvester with a vengeance. That was her.
the rings are all to boost fire res btw.

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Okay, so I have one character who's biracial(black/Roma) who is essentially made to hide a lot-- her sexuality, being intersex -- and is left immortal due to a condition that functions like an STI. What I'm wondering is if her ties to the mafia feeds into any archaic stereotypes. She was head honcho and thanks to years worth of connections she managed to make a legit business for herself after the '70s. She tries her best not to lie and is more than willing to help people. And she's Jewish.

Black Roma Jew and Mafia Ties

So I don’t think there are any stereotypes of Romani people being in the mob, but there ARE stereotypes of us being violent criminals who swindle and dupe people, so maybe avoid that? Also, and this might be just me, but it seems like you’re trying to make this character “super diverse”… 

Afro-Romani people are not uncommon, but Afro-Romano Jews are few and far between. I am slightly uncomfortable with this because it seems really far fetched for the sake of exoticism or forced diversity.

I’m not saying biracial Afro-Romani Jewish people don’t exist, it’s just… very rare? Although I guess in America it would probably have more of a chance of happening than elsewhere.

–Mod Tasbeeh

Check out “PoC in Crime Families & Black/Native Boss.”

Anyhow, I agree with Tasbeeh. I’m not sure of the reasons for picking those three and it can potentially come across as random selection. There is a history of Black Roma communities (Do your research, but here’s an Afro-Romani Facebook group that might be a start) but for their being Black + Roma +Jewish, it’d be nice to see some personal history to how this came about so it doesn’t read so much as “mixed bag diversity" where you’re just picking and choosing ethnicity/identities at random.

The addition of being Jewish really makes me think of the said random selection deal and with it you run the risk of exoticification as Tas said. 

On that note, i’d remind you to do a logic trace, if there was one at all here.

–Mod Colette

> i’d remind you to do a logic trace, if there was one at all here.

I like the way you phrased this, Colette, so yeah: if this character’s gonna be Jewish, set that up somehow. Is she Jewish by descent? Did she convert? Do you know anything about the motivations behind her conversion? (BTW, this isn’t something people should ask strangers – and Jews of color often get unwelcome/intrusive questions like this IRL – but this is your character so it would be good to know even if it doesn’t wind up getting described in the story.) Don’t feel bad if you wind up having to take her Jewishness out if it no longer makes sense in light of what Tasbeeh said, btw.


You might benefit from reading Yelena Khanga, she is an Afro-Russian Jew who moved to the United States. She wrote a book called Soul To Soul, which covers basically 200 years of her family (her mother is a Polish Jew, her father was Abdullah Kassim) and it’s the closest I can think of, for one thing, but it talks about eastern European multiculturalism from an autobiographical point of view and while it isn’t Roma + Jew + Black, it’s Jew + Black + Eastern European, and may give you an insight or two.