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Recommended reads for LGBTQ+ history buffs, and those who wish they were

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Discovering LGBTQ History (@lgbtqarchives)

From the desk of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration comes STONEWALL@NARA. @lgbtqarchives​ is a repository for documents reflecting the history of American LGBTQ+ people from 1778 to now. Some of it is inspiring, much of it is harrowing, all of it tells a story.

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Queer Portraits in History (@queersinhistory​)

Illustrator Michele Rosenthal (@dialmformichele​) is using her artistic talent to honor prominent figures in the LGBTQ+ community. That little circle above showcases the Mother of Blues, Ma Rainey. She recorded over 100 albums in a mere five years. In one song, Prove it On Me, she made it clear she wasn’t ashamed of who she was: “Went out last night with a crowd of my friends / They must’ve been women, ‘cause I don’t like no men.” Considering it was recorded in 1928, it was a particularly bold statement. 

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Gay Writes (@gaywrites​)

Staying informed in this political climate is becoming increasingly important. Let this Tumblr be a gentle guide through those rough waters. It’s a living compendium of U.S.-centric LGBTQ+ news, media, and culture. Keep yourself abreast of the latest news without ever leaving your dashboard.

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The Gran Varones (@thegranvarones​)

This legacy project uses storytelling to signal boost the voices of a community that needs it: Latino and Afro-Latino gay, queer, and trans men. It sheds light on individuals whose sexuality and ethnicity often means they are facing a disproportionate amount of scrutiny. These stories are uplifting, they’re normalizing, and they’re so needed.

365 Days of Lesbians (@365daysoflesbians​)

Come next Leap Year, they’ll have to temporarily change their name to 366 Days of Lesbians. For now, enjoy this wonderful blog that presents you with a photo and biographical write-up of one self-identifying lesbian (or activist group, as pictured above) every dang day of the year.

“work smarter, not harder” productivity spell

this is a dry container spell i made during this weekend’s full moon to help with my productivity. however, i wanted to create something that would be useful for someone like me that needs calm, balance and peace in order to be productive. i also want to be productive particularly when it pertains to academic things and my job which is also research/academic based. i’ve found that i need a direction before i start my work or i will be a nervous wreck. this spell focuses not only on motivation, but the wisdom to discern between what i am just able to do and what i actually should do. 

(note: this spell has two parts and i used a lot of things i had around, feel free to shorten it and augment it for what you can do and what you need.)

part i: candle dressing

what i used:

paprika - strength

five spice (cinnamon - attraction and luck; cloves - luck and prosperity; fennel - peace and blessings; black pepper - banishing negative energy; onion powder - banishing bad habits)

full moon water - manifestation and release

  1. combine the ingredients with a little bit of moon water to make a paste
  2. carve words or sigils into candle for productvity (i use tea lights that i pushed out of their containers) 
  3. smear small amount of dressing onto candle and set it aside

part ii: container spell

what i used: 

chamomile - balance and intuition 

white tea - clarity and realization

elderflower - wisdom 

mustard seed - faith, courage, endurance, and success

earl grey (black tea + bergamot) - strength, stability, expelling negativity, banishing; fortune, truth, justice

basil - courage, balance, and creativity   

sage - wisdom (cleansing and healing)

chicory - countering negativity, intuition, time management  

  1. using corresponding crystals (i used yellow calcite for intellect, sodalite for intuition and idealism, and lapus lazuli for intuition and intellect as well) i charged the container. 
  2. then i layered the herbs (in no particular order) until the container is almost full 
  3. before closing the container, i wrote a petition on a scrap of paper with symbols for productivity, peace and intuition then placed it on top of the herbs
  4. i then closed the container and recited verses from saraswati’s part of the devi mahatmyam (bless the spell with whatever you’d like) 
  5. finally, i lit the blessed candle and placed it on top of the container to seal it. i also poured wax from a blue (focus, willpower) candle over the container, careful not to put out the tea light.

I placed the spell into a small blue bowl filled half way with full moon water. i’m not totally sure why, i just got the urge to do it and i try to follow those urges in my craft. after the candle went out and the container was properly sealed, i placed it on my desk. i already notice a little difference! grad school, here i come! 

running list of practical magic

these past two weeks, i have gotten more into the habit of incorporating magic into my daily life. it’s been great! and i just wanted to throw out a few tips. i think i will update this over time. <3 

  • use bay leaves for simple spells/wishes - write a name, intention, desire on the leaf and burn it. this spell is really easy to incorporate because it is endlessly customizable and results are p quick!
  • turning your broom bristles up! - this is generally said to bring good fortune, but i used it recently to avoid an impending bad fortune and it worked beautifully! 
  • cleansing + cleaning - i try (try, being the operative word here) to clean my room once a week. turning this into a ritual has made it more fun and more personal! put salt in the corners of room before you sweep. create magical washes with rose, lavender, orange blossom, and/or Florida water (use these to dust too!). light incense in rooms as you go.  
  • use floral waters in hair and on the face as glamours or spells - i’ve been spraying rose water in my hair as the L in my LOC method and using a rose water based toner on my face for protection from street harassers. i also use unisex cologne with intention as a glamour for neutral gender expression.