afro punk festival


Year in Review: August 2016

Shot Afro Punk street style portraits and some more restaurants for

© Angela Datre

how the fuck did i take 588 pics yesterday at afropunk LOL

now, i remember my card getting full so i knew i did some damage.


i will chalk it up to their being a lot of action going on tho. and i plan on making a little experimental video with the photos i was taking.

we shall see!

that shit was amazing tho. never have i seen so many black people who were like me in the same place at the same damn time. 

i saw piercings and tattoos and dark clothing and crazy colored hair… and the hotties. JESUS. dont get me started.

it was fucking amazing. no fighting, no gunshots and there werent even cops patrolling! just good music and people who came to dance, skate and shop.