afro puffy twists


ok these are how my afro puppy twists turned out!

 i used nafy hair found on ebay. 1 and a half packs of the color 2. and like 3/4th of a pack of the color 30! i was charged the base price of $275 cuz it was my stylist’s first time doing this style. it took 12 hours to complete with lots of break in between.

i wasn’t too thrilled about them when it was completed. they were really chunky and didn’t move plus the hair isn’t really soft at all. it was a lot to get adjusted to. i’ve heard on the youtube videos that they get better with age and that’s definitely true. these pictures were taken a couple of days ago- a week after installation. i’ve calmed down and i’m starting to really like them. my problem with them is that some of the braids are slipping and unravaling. i’m sure that’s not the norm tho. and it’s just a ton of hair on my hair. lol the color looks just like my natural hair and i’m astounded by it. lol so yeah! that’s my first protective style!

i’m thinking about box braids next month after about a 2 couple of weeks for recuperation. i found a place that does it for $100!