afro lion

I don’t understand why its so difficult for some men in my life to understand that I like wearing weaves because it’s fun and a great protective style. It has nothing to do with me not liking my hair or the short length of my hair or not being “real”. LIKE I LITERALLY LOVE CROCHET BRAIDS! I LOVE CHANGING MY HAIR EVERY MONTH. I LOVE NOT HAVING TO PUT STRESS ON MY HAIR EVERY DAY WITH TWISTING AND PULLING AND BRUSHING! I LOVE BEING ABLE TO CHANGE MY HAIR COLOR ALL THE TIME WITHOUT PUTTING A LICK OF DAMAGE ON MY OWN HAIR. I LOVE GOING FROM HAVING A KINKY TWA ONE DAY TO HUGE BOUNCY CURLS THE NEXT AND A FULL LION AFRO ON ANOTHER DAY! LET ME BE GREAT!

Why is that so difficult for men to understand?

I want to have FUN with my beauty!

This is why I’ll be single forever. Because some niggas just irk the fuck outta me.