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im sorry that im ignorant in this matter but isn't hispanic/latin@ a racial identity? or?

There are Asian Latin@s

[image description: Picture of former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori with members of his armed forces. He is Japanese-Peruvian]

Afro/Black Latin@s

[image description: Picture of Zoe Saldana, who is an Afro-Latina from the Dominican Republic]

Indigenous Latin@s

[image description: Picture of Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia who is ehtnically mestizo but primarily of Aymara descent and identifies with that indigenous nation]

Mixed Latin@s

[image description: Picture of Adriana Lima, who is a Brazilian woman of mixed African, Swiss, Portuguese, Indigenous and Japanese descent]

White Latin@s

[image description: Picture of Michelle Bachelet, the former president of Chile]

And more.

Latin@ is NOT a race, it is an ethnicity that includes people of ALL races.


Gina Torres at the ALMA awards interviewing with Telemundo

i love that she hit them with the it’s Telemundo why are we speaking in English though.

because she knows why.

she knows the assumption.



I am Not Latina! Calling ourselves latino means genocide!-Mexica Movement

We are not Southern Europeans. We are not fake imitations of Europeans. Our ancestors were forced to speak Spanish through the process of genocide.

this sista goes in!! deconstructing the meaning of ‘Latin@’
Netflix Sets Launch Date for ‘3%,’ Its First Brazilian Original Production

You girls are ready for a dystopian Brazilian thriller series right on Netflix? Produced, directed, and acted 100% by Brazilians, with disabled characters and characters of color? This is an AMAZING…

Signal boost for new netflix brazilian original series about dystopian future with an all Latin@ cast with afro, asian and disabled latin@s characters?

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Why do you think some Afro-Latino people don't identifies as black people ? what is the reason of denial the roots ?

that is a good question. some argue that those who identify as Afro-Latino do it as a way to avoid saying they are Black. that may seem to be the case on the surface, but conceptually Afro-Latino identifies with  the diasporic connection we have to Africa and African culture.

i’ve entertained the identity of “Blacktino” but then it seems we have a desperate attempt to identify ourselves as Latin@s, to hold onto this European legacy as well. Though we cannot deny our European blood, Latin@ is a Eurocentric term that originates from those who colonized us.

i consider myself Afro-Latino because it empowers so many African-descendent Latin@s to connect to a collective cultural identity that doesn’t fit with traditional Eurocentric whitewashed notions of Latin@s, which often times marginalizes Black people living in or descendent from Latin America. it is a young term that was developed not to long ago, in the 70s or 80s i believe.

i also consider myself Black due to some of my racial features (namely my afro), my historical and anthropological connection to Africa, and my cultural consciousness as a Black person, and my spiritual consciousness as a Black, melanated entity in this universe.

it can be a very complicated identity for some, and very convenient for others.

Hi there! Just to complicate the face of Afro-Latin@s further, I thought I’d submit my picture/story. My dad is Afro-Puerto Rican (with a considerable Taino background) and my mom is white (French, Italian, etc). I’ve struggled with my identity for most of my life, and as a result, I’ve spent the past 20 years trying to look as white as possible by destroying my natural hair, avoiding the sun like the plague, and changing my name from Estrella to Star to make white people more comfortable. (This picture is from my high school prom three years ago when I was at the height of my “whiteness.”)

I’m finally starting to embrace my heritage, and I couldn’t be prouder to be Latina! My dad has been an incredible influence throughout my life.

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As a afrolatino myself I'm getting real tired of some mixed people playing up their european roots. Which we know isn't rooted in anything positive. Just talked to this girl who was like "I see myself as german/black" I mean wtf is that bullshit all about.

shit i admit i’m part European too, i just don’t flaunt it like some kinda badge. but many people of color and Afro Latin@s have European blood, mostly from rape, and we can’t act like we don’t have it. to do so would be to hate a part of ourselves, and that’s not healthy for your spirit.

I just finished The House at the End of Time (Alejandro Hidalgo, 2013) and it is AMAZING (save some of the kid scenes because I am humorless and barren). It’s /technically/ not even a horror film but that’s all I’ll say about it thematically.. It def falls under #womynshorror and #momhorror though which are two of my favorite genres currently being reimagined. Also, it’s from Venezuela and actually has a non-white latin@ main cast including afro-latin@s which is beautiful and sadly rare. Please go check it out when you have time – its on Netflix Instant!

P.S. How much does this poster rule?

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Do u think spanish girls have a place in the natural hair movement? I've seen some bloggers say unity of WOC is important but they only include black women. Asians are also woc but they have naturally straight hair so I see why their not included. I'm Haitian & Nicaraguan (I'm "lightskinned") and have really curly hair, but I feel like there is no room for me to participate. Basically, do you think the unity of WOC should not be limited to black women?

The natural hair movement is for black people. It’s not a catch all term for women with non straight hair. There are afro latin@s so they would be included
a person with curly hair (white, Asian, etc) can struggle with their hair, but they can’t just jump into a movement like this when they don’t have the same stigma and politicization of their hair, just because they want to fit in. That being said, there are mixed black people and there is space for them in the movement. I don’t know why a person would want to be in that space if they aren’t black or mixed. That just seems unnecessary