afro latin@s


Marcha do Empoderamento Crespo (“March of Crespo Empowerment”), in Salvador (Brazil),  March 13th 2016. Photos by Edgar Azevedo (@oedgaraz)

Obs: “crespo” is a word in BR Portuguese for the afro-curly texture.

We take rejection well its life

How american guys take rejection: Fxck you then Ugly @$$ b!tch

How Islander’s take rejection: Baby gyal Mi going to be right here waiting for ya right here til the end of time incase you change ya mind

*doesn’t move from spot*
*makes eye contact so ya know its real*

Don’t touch my dreads.
Lemme tell you how they feel:

Coarse;like the cut of your eyes
Strong;like Samson before Delilah’s lies

Springy;Just like the way my people’s come back
Soft;(I only use shea butta n’ lilac)

So don’t call my hair dreadful
And try to steal it from my head
You’re doing it wrong
Your locs are bound with blood shed.