afro latin vintage orchestra

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra ft. RacecaR - Impact

All lyrics written by Racecar. All songs written by B. Peyrot des Gachons,
D. Battestini Quadri, Elvis Martinez Smith, J. Baptiste Feyt & L. Berton.
All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded works reserved, unauthorized copying, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. ℗ & © 2017 Office Home Records. All Rights Reserved.

- Masta Conga - congas, minor percussions, amplified tablas, Korgs, Moogs, production, mix, mastering, artistic direction
- RacecaR : vocals
- Elvismartinezsmith - guitars, co-production, artwork
- Benjamin Peyrot des Gachons – keyboards
- David Batestini – double bass
- Max Hartock – drums
- Jean Baptiste Feyt - buggle, trumpet, trombone
- Victor Dos Santos – bass clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax
- Philippe Vernier – baryton sax, flute, clarinet
- Prosper Nya – trumpet
- Matthieu Lecomte – violins
- Marianne Launay – choirs