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For those who are confused about race/ethnicity. “Black” is a race with several ethnicities. The arrows above demonstrate the migration of enslaved black people from Africa to other parts of the world. 

Black line = African Americans = descendants of enslaved blacks in the USA

Red lines = Afro-Latinxs = descendants of enslaved blacks in Latin America (Central America, South America, and some of the Caribbean-Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.) 

Blue line = Afro-Caribbeans = descendants of enslaved blacks in the Caribbean (ex: Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, etc.) 

Africa = Africans 

All of these people are black. But not all black people are African American. 

Famous black people
Africans: Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Iman, Idris Elba
African Americans: Michelle Obama, Oprah, Beyonce, Jay-Z  
Afro-Latinx: Celia Cruz, Gina Torres, Zoe Saldana, Laz Alonso 
Afro-Caribbeans: Bob Marley, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Wyclef

*I should mention there are black people in other parts of the world as well (Afro-Palestinians, Afro-Iranian, etc.) 

**I made this in a hurry, let me know if anything is off 


Nowruz Sayadan (Persian phrase meaning, “New year for the hunters”) celebration in Qeshm Island, Iran

Qeshm Island has a large population of Afro-Iranians


Iran Fashion Week: Iranian women in Bandari traditional clothing from the city of Minab, Hormozgan. In Persian, bandari (بندری) translates to ‘of the port’ and is a term applied to the Persian Gulf cities of Iran and its inhabitants. The women are particularly known for their bright and colorful clothing along with their trademark intricate face masks which are uniquely designed to indicate their city of origin and/or ethnic group. The region is also known for its ethnic diversity which includes Afro-Iranians, Persians, Baloch, Arabs, Qashqai, Lurs and various other peoples.

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