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Columbus Day

Columbus Day is this Monday. Here’s a reminder that Columbus didn’t land on Plymouth Rock or anywhere in North America. He landed in the Caribbean and in his lifetime committed genocide in the Caribbean and in Central America. He is the cause for the colonisation of the Caribbean and Latin America and later the Caribbean and Latin American slave trade. In his lifetime and many years after North America wasn’t part of the picture. Stop erasing Caribbean and Latin Americans from Columbus Day history/discourse. Stop erasing the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Latin America. Centre us. We know more than anyone the aftermath and the history of Columbus because that is our history. Most of the indigenous people that Columbus oppressed are now Black and or Latino. It is also a form of anti blackness and racism against PoC Latinos to erase us from our own history. I encourage all Caribbean and or Latin Americans to take back Columbus Day history and discourse and make it about ourselves, the descendants of the indigenous people Columbus terrorised. Don’t let our ancestors get erased.

Lloyd Bravewolf Cox, Blackfoot and Cherokee Descendant. Outtake from Afro Native Identity Narrative #blacknative #blackindians #afroindian#native #nativeamericans #ndn #mixedrace#indigenous #afronativeidentitynarrative

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm trying to get more into my cultural roots as well as witchcraft & I kinda wondered if you could help me try to figure out if there is any Taíno Indian/Afro-Caribbean magic from the Puerto Rican tribes or how to research any? Maybe some links if you can?? (Supposedly in my family it runs down the bloodline & me & my mom are one of the strongest???) (Also the Aztecs cause I'm also Mexican. Supposedly direct descent of the Aztec emperor, Montezuma)

that’s very cool but those traditions are closed to me unfortunately, i wouldn’t know how to start researching it online besides google scholar. 

however, as far as afro-caribbean traditions go, i think it’s mostly oral traditions, so if you talked to your mother or family, or someone who is part of this, you would find the most out from them. 

good luck!