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The Imafidons are Britain’s smartest family and have become international models of academic achievement.
Dr. Chris Imafidon and Ann Imafidon came from Edo State, Nigeria, to London over 30 years ago and their children have broken national records in education.
Anne-Marie, 23, the eldest child, is multi-lingual. She speaks six languages and graduated from college at age 10. At 13, she was the youngest person to pass the U.K.’s A-level computing exam. She went on to attend John Hopkins University in Baltimore and received her masters degree from Oxford University, all before she turned 20 years old.
In 2009, fraternal twins Peter and Paula made headlines for becoming youngest students to enter secondary school at age 6. Their older sister, Christina, was 11 when she was accepted to study at any undergraduate institution in Britain.

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What is being Afrocentric? Why is it that when a black person chooses to study about African History they are called “Afrocentric”. On the other hand when a white person chooses to study European History, they are not called “Eurocentric”? We come from the African Diaspora it makes sense to learn about our culture and history. Being called Afrocentric can be viewed as a racist term or degrading term towards African History, why because it’s a way White people want to keep African History separate from World History. Most modern day Historians majored in or mostly studied European history, but they’re never called Eurocentric, they are just called Historians. Meanwhile if a black person mostly studies African History, they’re called an “Afrocentric” Historian. Why put the disclaimer of “Afrocentric” out here. The reason being is because many of these “Historians” DO NOT acknowledge African history. A reason being since the FACT that African history predates European History, one would find out that many European discoveries were already founded by Africans. One other example, for my college students or those who went to college, the African studies program is always separate from the History program.
Why do universities separate African History from other History?
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