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There are more descendants of Africans who speak Spanish or Portuguese than English.

Brazil has the largest population of Blacks in the world second ONLY to Nigeria!

The Caribbean was often a stop in the transatlantic slave trade to “break” the African before being sold to the Americas.

Haiti was the first BLACK independent nation in the Western Hemisphere , defeating Napoleon and others from France, with the power of Voudon (Voodoo). As a result, Haiti ,was punished by all of Europe through tariffs, taxes and other ways!

three vintage, sort of obscure actresses of color you should pay attention to:

Chelo Alonso was a starlet of Italian cinema during the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. She was known for her dancing talent that incorporated Afro-Cuban styles. Chelo is of Mexican and Cuban descent.

Nancy Kwan broke Hollywood racial barriers when she starred in The World of Suzie Wong in 1961 alongside William Holden which earned her a Golden Globe for “Most Promising Newcomer”. She is of Chinese and English/Scottish descent.

Sheila Guyse was a star of stage and screen during the ‘40s and ‘50s. She starred in all-Black independent films that includes the role of Cinderella and has graced the Broadway stage numerous times. Sheila is African-American.


Ricky Martin, Gloria Etefan, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Quintanilla, Shakira, Celia Cruz & Marc Anthony.

anonymous asked:

so i'm (afro) cuban but for whatever reason (melanin) people like to act like they dont believe me when i tell them this so the other day one of my coworkers told me he hates it when i say "pero like" and when i asked him why he said "bc you're not spanish you're just black" & i told him i was cuban and he laughed and said, "this is gonna be like when you told me you're gay, i don't believe either one" -__-

Like do people not know Cuba is in the caribbean and that the caribbean is filled with Black people? Like girlll. This is basic history. Cuba is fucking mixed as hell lmao And even without the knowledge of how people ended up in the caribbean, people have a hard time believing afro-latinx exist because of racism in the media which paints a picture that all Latinx look the same, and whitewashing/colorism which presents itself when spanish novelas only show European looking latinx people. It’s sad. Especially since afro-latinx have contributed so much to latinx culture. I listen to african music and I see where it made its mark on caribbean latinx music like Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton etc. But people not giving Black people their proper credit, what else is new.