afro caribbean art

This are the last few weeks to catch Barbara Kruger’s mural on the High Line, which is being de-installed in March! The mural features an adaptation of a quote by Afro-Caribbean philosopher Frantz Fanon. The original statement, “Blind idealism is reactionary,” suggests that political and religious convictions stem from the situations from which they grow, not from the inherent nature of individuals.


“Dark Skin girls don’t look that good in makeup” Look if they can do it so can we! And don’t try to tell me she doesn’t like BOMB AF!!

Then they come with “Ok so she so looks great but what about natural beauty?” Makeup simply amplifies what you have already. I don’t think she tried to reconstruct her face. #BlackGirlMagic


Vudu Tarot Cards - Afro Caribbean/Latino Art

“Indie Publishing New Voodoo Tarot. A Comic Book Art Tarot Card Game Design Based on Afro Caribbean/Latino Stories & Mythologies.”

Based off the traditional Rider-Waite deck, my first tarot deck incorporates afro-Caribbean cultural/spiritual references, primarily from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. To reflect the influence of other cultures and countries on our traditions, I have also included references from Brazil, Latin America, India, and more. 

Voilà! Also super excited to announce that one of my #LimitlessAfricans prints was featured in an exhibit at the #Massimadi queer Afro Caribbean art festival in Montreal! This is the first exhibition that #LimitlessAfricans has been featured in and makes me even more excited for what’s to come!! Thanks @beedeejones and Bao for all of your incredible help setting this up- wouldn’t be possible without the two of you! Also thanks @gesiye for continuing to stunt in the print as always #queerafricanmagic ✨✨✨✨💖💖💖. Lots more coming in the next few months~ stay tuned ☺️☺️☺️