afro bun

Beauty can be but isn’t and shouldn’t necessarily be determined by your makeup slayage. Beauty is also determined by the wonderful person you are underneath all that. You in your natural state. Beauty is diversity… your different races/complexions and physical features. Beauty is when you’re vulnerable and stripped of everything courageously bearing it all for people to see. Beauty is your flaws and the little things that make you unique. Beauty also comes from the inside, which I feel is most important. Beauty can be you going through some really tough shit in your life and struggling just to get by and keep it together(physically and emotionally) but still somehow managing to let your inner light shine through all that darkness. You are beautiful in every shape and form.

Dizzee Getting Shao To Do Things For Him:

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Paint His Nails

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Put His Hair In Afro Puffs Or Buns

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Do His Make Up

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Dump Glitter On Him Or Paint It On His Body

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Carry Him On His Back All The Way Home

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Teach Him A Few Things About Spinnin

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Start Doing Graffiti With Him And Thor

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Draw Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Sing For Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Teach Him To Dance

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Kiss Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Kiss Him AND Thor


Tfw you wanna be art almost more than you want to be an artist.

Wore my favorite shoes(because they match my hair obvs)… and had to pull out the mom jeans real quick lol. 💙💚