afro bun

Dizzee Getting Shao To Do Things For Him:

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Paint His Nails

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Put His Hair In Afro Puffs Or Buns

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Do His Make Up

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Dump Glitter On Him Or Paint It On His Body

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Carry Him On His Back All The Way Home

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Teach Him A Few Things About Spinnin

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Start Doing Graffiti With Him And Thor

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Draw Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Sing For Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Teach Him To Dance

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Kiss Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Kiss Him AND Thor

xavier woods |ʺ❝UPUPDOWNDOWN❞

Not a reader insert, can’t write them.

Based off the prompt, “It not cheating if the rules don’t apply to me.”

tags; @ilovedean112 (your request is up next!)


“Hello ladies and gentlemen!” A dark face pops into focus, dark lips pulled over white teeth and afro pulled into a bun on his head. Xavier woods smiles into the camera, he sits behind a large table with cables and controllers littering it. He presses a few keys on a keyboard in front of him before looking back into the camera, "Welcome to another episode of UpUpDownDown, I’m your host, Xavier Woods, and today is the Madden grandfinal!“

A trumpet blasts outside the view of the camera and Xavier turns to face the sound wih a smile and a laugh, "C'mon man, don’t get me in trouble with the big boss.”

“Sorry man.” AJ Styles falls into a chair next to Xavier and shoves a trumpet under the desk. “I had to have a better entrance than Rollins.”

Xavier goes to open his mouth to speak but is interrupted by a tall body flopping down next to him, “I’m Seth freakin’ Rollins, no one does a better entrance than me.”

He waves lazily to the camera and Xavier rolls his eyes, “If you two are finished hijacking my show-” He points to AJ, “-our first finalist, the underdog, the Phenomenal One - AJ Styles!”

AJ throws his arms in the air as Seth boos next to him, “And the two time UpUpDownDown champ, the Kingslayer - Seth Rollins!”

Seth cheers for himself, easily ignoring the low clapping from behind the camera, and pushes AJ off his chair when he boos.

“Okay - okay!” Xavier plants a hand on their chest and pushes them back into their chairs, “If you two would calm down-” AJ flips the bird at Seth, who starts to jump from his chair, “-the game hasn’t even started!”

Seth settles in his chair as AJ does the same next to him, Xavier releases a breath of relief, “We’re only a few hours out from Wrestlemania, so try not to waste too much time-”

“They’re children in grown man bodies, Woods.” A voice speaks from the behind the camera, faintly a door can be heard closing. Xavier looks up from behind the arguing men, chokes on his breath and drops the controller he held. “They are a waste of time.”

A short woman comes into view next to Seth, her black hair straightened down her back and blue women’s champion belt thrown over her shoulder. Seth Rollins rolls his eyes at the camera and elbows the woman softly in the side, “You’re meant to be my cheerleader, not run me down, Riley.”

“I’m your sister, I’m never gonna cheer you on.” She smiles over at Xavier, who refused to meet her eyes and tried to calm his burning cheeks, and nudges his arm. “I came to cheer for Xavier anyway.” Xavier chokes on his breath again and tries to smile over his embarrassment.

AJ throws his arms up, “He’s not even playing!” At the same time Seth mumbles under his breath about needing nicer champions.

“So?” She arches an eyebrow and ignores her brother, “I still like him more than you, Styles.”

He points a finger in her direction, “That’s rude, little Rollins.”

Riley wacks him up the back of the head, mumbling under her breath about short, southern arseholes, before Xavier pulls her away. “-and with that, let’s get this show back on the road! AJ, Seth - pick your teams.”

Riley smiles, slaps Seth on the shoulder with a smile for luck, and steps back to lean against the wall with Xavier. His cheeks flush again and he distracts himself with the game. “Let’s get this going, boys!”


“Dang it!” Riley stifled a laugh as AJ barely restrained himself from throwing the controller over the room, “What the hell was that?”

Seth smirked and leant back in his chair, holding his hand out for Riley to slap, which she did without looking, “That was you getting your arse handed to you.”

AJ narrowed his eyes before focusing on the screen again, controller held tight in his hand. Riley snorted and flicked Seth on the back of the head, “You got this loser.”

“Good pep talk, little Rollins.” Seth barely spared her a glance, too deep in his gamer mode. She rolled her eyes and settled against the wall next to Xavier, he’d been trying to tell her about a new game he’d gotten but Seth and AJ were too loud to bother trying to talk over.

Riley was just happy to take her mind off of her title match in a few hours, and being around Xavier was definitely distracting. She hadn’t thought of her match since she’d walked into the room and seen him struggling to control her brother.

She’d thought it was a good idea to let herself be distracted by Xavier but, after trying to ignore her scarlet cheeks and pass it off as nerves, did she realise how far she was out of her element.

Every time Xavier brushed against her arm he left a burning trail of heat, she checked every time to make sure her arm wasn’t as red as it felt. She knew it wasn’t smart to think like this, she was rude and cynical and he was bright and smiley - it wasn’t a relationship that would last, even if he was interested in her.

And it was a big if, Riley thought as Xavier turned to her with another smile as Seth swore again, “What the -”

“-Language!” Riley interrupts him with a grin and smiles innocently when Seth glares at her. She grins and slaps him softly on the shoulder when he turns back to the screen, Xavier snickers softly next to her and she tries to ignore the voice in the back of her head that whispers how deep and rich it is.

“You’re supposed to be helping me, Riley.” Seth tells her between mouthfuls of water, she arches an eyebrow at him and laughs when AJ wacks his shoulder.

“That’s cheating dude.” Xavier nods next to Riley and throws an arm around her shoulder, she shivers when his arm brushes the sensitive skin of her neck. She’s very aware of every inch of his skin touching her where her ring attire doesn’t cover. He speaks again, “My innocent Riley wouldn’t do that.”

Seth snorts, “You clearly don’t know Riley, then.”

She ignores him, too focused on the fact that Xavier caller her his. “Well, it’s not exactly cheating if the rules don’t apply to me.”

Xavier levels her with a stare but doesn’t take his arm off of her shoulder, “It’s cheating, Riley.”

She pouts, sticking her bottom lip out softly, and watches with barely restrained delight as Xaviers eyes follow her lips movement. His arm tightens a fraction around her shoulder and he draws her closer to him, his eyes are hooded and she can faintly feel he breath quicken -

“Can you please stop staring at my sister like that?” Seths loud voice interrupts them and she jerks away from him sharply, nearly toppling over the large UpUpDownDown trophy.

“I, uh-” Riley clears her throat and smooths her sweating hands down the side of her tights, “I’m going to -” She throws her title over her shoulder, “-train.” She finishes lamely.

Xavier pulls her out of view of the camera and hurriedly whispers in her ear, “I’ll edit that part out later, but-” He takes a deep breath, “-can I take you to breakfast tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” His hand is holding her arm softly and she pats it fondly, “Sure, text me later.”

She likes the feel of his lips, she decides. They’re soft against her skin but rough and sure when he presses them into her cheek, and then he’s pulling away with the bright smile that she likes.

She can hear her brother growling in the background but Riley doesn’t care, she’s set to win a tile match at Wrestlemania and she’s got a breakfast date with the guy she likes, why would she care if her brother doesn’t like seeing her with him?

She turns to leave the room with a smile, but not before hearing her brother growl again, “Can you stop staring at her arse? Dude, that’s so gross.”