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I Am Now Taking Free Readings!

Ok! I blame the Moon in Leo and Virgo and the thunderstorm outside my window for my excitement right now, but I am finally offering free tarot readings! The link goes to my F.A.Q. but if you don’t want to read it all you still need to know that:

  • These are for practice
  • I take those on anon and off anon
  • If you are off anon and you want my answer to you to be private please put a * at the beginning of your ask. If not, your question will be posted

These will be 1-5 card readings. The deck I’ll be using is Tarot Mucha and Linestrider. Beautiful, eager decks that can’t wait to reveal answers to you all. My ask box will be open unless stated other wise (asks not pertaining to readings are also welcome!). Requests submitted in my PMs will not be answered unless it is to ask about a reading I’ve already given you (or just to have a conversation!).

Remember that these are free and are for practice. I am not a beginner in reading tarot but I am a beginner in reading for someone other than myself. Please be mindful of this!

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EDIT: I’m not accepting any more readings!!! My inbox is closed!!