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I am an afro-latina artist who recently graduated from SCAD with my BFA in animation. I specialize in 2D animation, character designs, illustration, etc.

I’ve recently decided to start exploring new mediums such as comics! I want to create more content and high quality animations, but school loans need to be paid and the programs I need to work are expensive.

Since an incident in 2016 I have been suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression which makes it hard to do what I need to do for a living. So! If you want to, you can pledge any amount you want per month, and get to see exclusive content! More and more tiers and rewards will be added over time!

This page just launched so expect more posts to come!

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anonymous asked:

Let me start by saying that I love your blog. I'm actually not African American, but I am Afro Cuban, and it's just so nice to see all of the things you put on this blog. This slandering against PoC nowadays is sick. Seeing things like this make me happy, and make me want to move to South Korea even more. It's crazy how I'm a diverse country someone will hate on you for your skin and features, but another country calls it beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing❤️ BLACK GIRLS ROCK🤘🏽💁🏽

Thank you ❤ there’s ignorant people everywhere, yes even in Korea, but I just stick to the positive side of things since there’s enough hate and drama in everyday lives and no one wants to come to a blog and see negativity all the time~

taeyang really is wilding with appropriating black culture and people. its getting fucking out of order and im losing my patience with him. im so tired and sick of it. when will he realise that he isnt black. and that romanticising black peoples struggles, appropriating our culture and taking our hairstyles (dreads) isnt cute, artistic or fun. but its fucking disrespectful. how many fuckinf times is he going to do this shit. we educate him so much but he still doesnt learn.
im dissapointed. and eventhough i am not afro american. im still half ethiopian thus african and i feel offended.


“I tell people that I’m an Afro-Latina because I am both and I feel strongly about that. I’m not just going to say that I’m Puerto Rican or I’m black. No. I’m an Afro-Latina and you got to know that I’m mixed with both. I’m not sure what it means to be an Afro-Latina in LA. That’s a hard question. My dad and mom separated when I was two so I was basically raised by my Latino side. I would go visit my dad but my first language was Spanish. I grew up in a house of Spanish speakers, food, and culture. Growing up I was catholic and my grandma would take me to church to rezar and todo eso. But as I grew older I chose my own path and that’s how I became Muslim; I converted. We share a lot of the same concepts, you know? Jesus, the Virgin Mary. I converted because of the Virgin Mary, I’m trying to follow in her footsteps and be pure and modest and dedicate myself to God. Being Latina and Muslim is a struggle though. It’s a struggle because you’re raised catholic and my Latino side would always ask me questions about it but they are getting it now. I found my peace. I pray to one God. I respect everything and it’s part of my blood.”


Not sure if you guys would be interested in the non-entomological details of my personal life but I love to sing and I tried out for the previous season of American Idol

This week last year, I was waiting to see myself on one of the most highly viewed shows on national TV (or at least it was in it’s glory days anyway). I wish I could say I was excited but it was sort of an ordeal =\  The way the whole audition had played out had me feeling more than a bit insecure.  Everyone saw Harry Connick Jr hassle me over my word choice but AI didn’t air feedback from the other judges. Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urbane told me that I had a “great voice” but with a gesture to all of me at once, J-Lo followed that up by explaining to me that I just didn’t “look” like an American Idol. It sent me home looking for something to change. It took me a while, but I think I finally figured out what.

im dead IN TEARSSSS i was doubting myself after two colleges had rejected me and i come home rn after the club to see an email to check my registered acc and BITCH to see the “congratulations! you’ve been accepted to your first choice in major - Afro-American studies” I AM SCREAMINGGGG