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My friend needs help and wanted to make a donation post anonymously through me so please read below:

My name is Maleek Saint (using a different name for safety reasons). I am an afro indigenous queer non binary femme who is currently struggling with basic needs. I am asking if people would be kind enough to donate anything to me and when I mean anything, anything means the world to me. I do currently have a space to sleep, but only have 20$ left on me and am struggling finding employment. I have been to over 10+ interviews and have filled out that many applications as well and have been denied due to lack of work experience or not meeting criteria, I will continue to my work search. I am in this situation because of abandonment from my parents and living on my own/finding my own way around life by myself has been extremely difficult. Please help, even if that is just reblogging or donating $0.50, anything is appreciated. I am trying my best to get out of this and hope to find work. Thank you for taking your time to read this and even demonstrate any sort of concern/caring loving character. I love you all. <3 below is my donation info:$maleeksaint

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Josh saying the N-Word?

As I saw from his family on twitter, Josh is an Afro-latino as I am also an in that mix of being an Afro-latina. I see it as this, if he claims his black side (not only when it’s convenient), like 100% identifies with being black, then I have no problem with it. If he was someone like Ramses and would literally walk through fire just to make the whole world know that he is NOT!!!!! black but Dominican, hell no. That’s not even a question. Not only should he never use that word but he should be embarrassed about how stupid he looks.

Most people don’t know this but Afro-latinxs go through a lot of trouble socially because of ignorance when it comes to self-identification. Sometimes Hispanics (because a lot of them self-hate) will not claim you because you’re not “spanish” enough and sometimes blacks won’t claim you neither because you’re not black enough. So all in all, if Josh and his family say, “we are black and we are proud of where we come from”, then I’m not bothered with him saying it. It’s all about where your blood runs and if you claim your heritage.

(About a year ago, I made a post about which PoC can say it and I think it holds up towards his situation.)