afrikan yoga

Last night I was in a beautiful conversation with the founder of Afrikan Yoga. In sharing we realised we have much in common. He will be coming to London in March and travelling around Europe to facilitate Afrikan Yoga classes. In conversing he suggested a two week intensive yoga teacher training, which I AM seriously considering. The training is HEAVY DUTY but my soul tells me I AM ready.

We are both meditating on joining together to facilitate various workshops in London in March. I have been following his cultivation for over 8 years now and I truly believe we have synchronized via the channels of my Cosmic Asana.

The one thing that blew my mind while conversing with him was the similar way we were both initiated by higher beings! I have been initiated into Cosmic Asana through the divine guidance of the star beings. He was also initiated into Afrikan Yoga the same way! When the student is ready the teachers always appear!

In the meantime I will continue to master my Cosmic Asana and devote my life to my BREATH!



Pablo Imani - Afrikan Yoga Hudu movements

Pulling the rope or Boat of Ra.

Location: Nile River, Aswan Egypt