House majority leader in 2016: 'I think Putin pays Trump'
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a quip about Putin and Trump in 2016 that was caught on tape, according to the Washington Post.

Apparently, several Republicans were caught discussing Trump on tape.

Kevin McCarthy said “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump”—referencing GOP Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California, who was called Putin’s Favorite Senator” by Politico. Everyone in the room began to laugh before GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan said “No leaks”.

Later, spokespeople for Trump and Ryan denied the meeting ever took place. But once Washington Post revealed they had a tape, both spokespeople claimed it was all a joke. This revelation comes after Trump was reported to have told former FBI Director James Comey to halt the investigation on the Russian ties/interference.

@alexkablob @weavemama @afrik-can this little mystery in our government seems to involve more people with each passing day. At this rate, we’ll have to question and investigate half of the GOP, along with everyone in the White House.

Sot po te te le te shkosh.
Po e leshoj doren tende dhe po te le te vraposh ne lendinat e mekateve prej te cilave kaq shume pata frike.
I them vetes qe jam e lodhur duke te pritur, e lodhur duke te dashur, e lodhur duke pasur nevoje per ty.
Po te lutem te me harrosh por ne fakt gjithcka dua tani eshte te me mbash mend.
I them vetes qe jam e lodhur duke menduar se si te largohem nga ti, por mendimet e mia jane thjesht thika ngulur ne lekuren time te bardhe. Eshte pak me e bardhe se e jotja dhe mbase me e bute.
Po te shkruaj nje eulogji te gjate a thua se te ka perpire dheu dhe nuk je me ne kete bote, duke hedhur mendimet e mia zemerthyera ne letren e bardhe. Dreqi e marrte edhe ajo leter te urren.
I them vetes se do jem me mire pa ty, ne fakt e di qe do jem me mire pa ty. Por mbase, thjesht mbase nuk dua te jem me mire dhe, c'eshte me e rendesishmja nuk dua te jem pa ty.
Po qaj edhe pse me duket e pakuptimte te derdh pika uji te kristalta nga syte per nje qenie te gjalle ashtu si une. A nuk eshte e padrejte qe njerezit ne Afrike vuajne per uje ndersa une e coj dem ne ndjenja te gabuara adoleshenteske?
I them vetes se dua te largohesh. Duhet te largohesh. Por une dua te rrish.
Dua te me mbash prane vetes dhe te me thuash se cdo gje eshte mire. Se une jam mire. Se ne jemi mire. Por ne nuk jemi mire.
Sot po te le te shkosh.
Te lutem shko.
Ose….ose te lutem qendro me mua.

loserwithalowercasel  asked:

could you guys rec some fics that bring attention to how handsome james buchanan bucky barnes is?

for sure!

Cough Syrup by castiowl

Two weeks into his first semester of college, Steve gets sick. Which is fine, really, except he can’t buy himself Nyquil because he’s not 18 yet. So he enlists the help of a handsome RA.

I’m In Luck by steveandbucky

Steve is sketching a handsome stranger on the train, and gets caught. Luckily, the man doesn’t mind.

(For an anon’s request, ‘meeting on a train ride’ au)

The Curse of Natalis by afrikate and it’s series

In 1943, during a firefight turned ugly in the North African desert, Bucky Barnes is bitten by werewolf. After capturing Barnes, Dr. Arnim Zola becomes intrigued with the possibilities werewolves present to Hydra. Unfortunately, one member of Hydra fails to read the instruction manual.

Set in the MCU and the Mercy Thompson novels by Patricia Briggs. Readers do not need to be familiar with the books in order to enjoy this story.

This is part one of a five-part series. Part 2 is already up, part 3 is in beta, and parts 4-5 are being worked on.

Best Modern/Contemporary Jazz Music of 2016

Best Albums

  1. ‘Floa’ - Mammal Hands
  2. ‘Blackened cities’ - Melanie De Biasio
  3. ‘Spacebound Apes’ - Neil Cowey Trio
  4. ‘Diwan Of Beauty And Odd’ - Dhafer Youssef
  5. ‘Radio One’ - Airelle Besson
  6. ‘Circles’ - Anne Paceo
  7. ‘Buoyancy’ - Nils Petter Molvaer
  8. ‘Pocket Rhapsody’ - Frank Woeste
  9. ‘MusicBoxMusic’ - Trio Elf
  10. ‘Man Made Object’ - GoGo Penguin

Best compositions

  1. ‘Quiet Fire’ - Mammal Hands, ‘Floa’
  2. ‘Radio One’ - Airelle Besson, ’Radio One’
  3. ‘Afrik’ - Omer Avital, ’Abutbul Music’
  4. ‘Nouakchott’ - Frank Woeste, ’Pocket Rhapsody’
  5. ‘Yggdrasil’ - Pj5, ’Trees’
  6. ‘The City And The Stars’ - Neil Cowley Trio, ’Spacebound Apes’
  7. ‘Rabat’ - Phronesis, ’Parallax’
  8. ‘Kudu’ - Eric Truffaz Quartet, ’Doni Doni’
  9. ‘Circles’ - Anne Paceo, ’Circles’
  10. ‘Reedjoyce’ - Magnus Ostrom, ’Parachute’
  11. ‘Linton’ - Tornbruket, ‘Forevergreens’
  12. ‘Suq’ - Trio Elf, ‘MusicBoxMusic’
  13. ‘Branches Break’ - GoGo Penguin, ‘Man Made Object’
  14. ‘Jackson Reef’ - Nils Petter Molvaer, ‘Buoyancy’
  15. ‘Cheerful Meshuggah’ - Dhafer Youssef, ‘Diwan Beauty And Odd’
  16. ‘Dakota Mab’ - Henri Texier, ‘Sky Dancers’
  17. ‘Central Sun’ - Oddarrang, ‘Agartha’
  18. ‘About To Fly’ - Virta, ‘Hurmos’

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