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“Sun City” by Artists United Against Apartheid (via backporchvideos)


Suzie Q from the Cookie Crew sharing her Hip hop Moment with y'all!  It’s classic!


The Beginning of Break Beat (Hip Hop) Music

By Baambaataa Assim (DJ Afrika Bambaataa)

Professor Afrika Bambaataa breaks down the origin of Break Music in his own inimitable style.  Tommy Boy must have produced these promo posters for the ‘Greatest Beats’ compilation release back in the late 90s.  Cab you imagine my horror then relief when I realised this was amongst a bunch of paper headed for the recycle bin?!  That 'FAIL’ moment was averted!  It’s a little bit crumpled but I will frame it and hang it with pride!

It’s occurred to me that I may have to face up to a future FAIL moment!  I don’t know where I have put my Tommy Boy doormat! I’m not kidding Tommy Boy got domestic for a minute!  I really hope I still have it….

ps have you spotted Bam’s typo? :)