A selection of cartoons from on the latest scandal to engulf South African President Jacob Zuma. It seems $20 million dollars of South African taxpayers’ money was used to refurbish Mr. Zuma’s residence in Nkandla, a town in KwaZulu-Natal where the President is from. Zuma’s cabinet ministers tried to ban South African newspapers from publishing photos of the complex of houses in Nkandla but editors are refusing to comply. South Africa’s corruption watchdog is investigating the the Nkandla expenses and will issue a report soon. 

Ninety-four-year-old global icon Nelson Mandela is ailing and the world is bracing themselves for the inevitable. See the story of Mandela through South African political cartoons, curated by John Curtis of Using only the work of South African satirists turned out to be a challenge since a ban during the Apartheid era made it illegal to show Mandela’s image. But Mandela’s absence in political cartoons turns out to be part of the story.