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Some of the most memorable T-shirt messages during football celebrations

1. Ian Wright - After scoring a goal for the Gunners against Bolton in 1997, Wright lifted his shirt to reveal another, made by Nike, stating: ‘179 – Just Done It,’ despite only equalling the record tally. However, he ended up scoring a hat-trick and breaking the record later that day.
2. Robbie Fowler -
during a European Cup Winners’ Cup win against Brann in March 1997 Fowler unveiled a T-shirt with a fake Calvin Klein logo that read: ‘Support the 500 Sacked Dockers’ to show solidarity with striking dockworkers in the city.
3. Thierry Henry -
In 2000, no Arsenal player had scored against Liverpool for almost 3 years, but, right at the death of the match, Henry made sure of the victory by scoring and went on to reveal the message “Bang goes the 0-0 draw”, pointing out the fact they had finally scored against Liverpool.
4. Kaká -
the Brazilian fell to his knees revealing a T-shirt that said “I belong to Jesus” after winning the Champions League final against Liverpool in Athens May 23, 2007.
5. Lionel Messi - In Barcelona’s now famous 6-2 win over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2009, he revealed a shirt reading ‘Sindrome X Fragil’, the name of a medical condition that leads to emotional, mental and physical problems for its sufferers. Messi later explained that he had spent a day with children suffering from the syndrome prior to the game and in the biggest fixture in club football across the world, he was able to give a relatively unknown issues a huge amount of coverage.
6. Andrés Iniesta - Likely to go down in the annuls of history as the most poignant celebration of any World Cup final goal, the Barcelona man celebrated his winning strike against the Dutch in the South Africa 2010 showpiece by lifting his shirt to reveal a vest with the message ‘Dani Jarque: Always with us’, in memory of the Espanyol defender who tragically died of a heart attack in 2009.
7. Mubarak Wakaso - after scoring a 38th-minute penalty and giving Ghana a 1-0 win over Mali at the African Cup of Nations in 2013, Wakaso revealed a shirt that read “Allah is great.
8. Mario Balotelli - In 2011, quite clearly aggrieved with the often undeserved negative attention that came his way from the media, after an exquisite finish, the young Italian stood defiantly in the face of those that had criticised him in the lead up to the derby at Old Trafford, wearing a T-shirt that said ‘Why always me?
9. Éric Abidal - In 2013, after a year out following liver surgery, Abidal celebrated his return to football by wearing a tribute to his cousin who provided part of his liver for the procedure. ‘It was a very special moment for me after a year out. I want to thank my cousin as without him I would not be here today,’ said Abidal wearing a shirt with ‘Merci mon cousin’ on the front.

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1. what’s your favourite colour?

I don’t know it always changes, rn I really like pink and yellow!

2. what was your first favourite tv show?

You mean except Totally Spies? I’d say Grey’s Anatomy. First show I’ve really been hooked on and watched every week on TV (along with Desperate Housewives, Prison Break and Lost, but I’m still watching Grey’s today and this show means a lot to me) ((I mean it gave us Queen Cristina Yang))

3. which international football tournament is your favourite? (i.e. world cup, african cup of nations, euros etc.)

Mmh it’s a tie between the Euros and the World Cup but I’m gonna say the World Cup because literally the whole world gets involved and everyone gets hyped up INCLUDING ME

4. a song you relate to your club and/or nt

J’ai Déconné by Keblack for the french nt 😭 (and Validée by Booba, kinda)

5. adidas, nike, or puma?

I have no opinion on this lol

6. favourite pair of shoes you own?

I just bought bomb ass suede pink stilettos and they look amazing!!1!!

7. favourite season? (summer, autumn, winter, spring)


8. favourite word in your native language or in your target language

I’m so bad at this kind of questions… I can’t choose sorry :///

9. what’s your favourite song at the moment?

Girl you know I love every single song ever released and I’m always jamming to literally EVERYTHING. But fave song that’s on the radio rn would be Despacito 100% (PASITO A PASITO SUAVE SUAVECITO)

10. favourite comfort food?

Honey any food is comfort food. But I’d say chips or cereals or gnocchis. Small things that you can eat quickly, ya feel?

11. burger king, döner kebab, kfc, or mcdonalds (kids don’t disappoint me with the wrong answer i’m watching you)

Bruuuuuh ok so it’s gonna be either kebab or McDonald’s (sorry I know you’re a KFC hoe). I’m gonna say kebab because I grew up in a city where the turkish community was really present and there were kebab restaurants everywhere lmao bless them. So yeah kebab is my Main Bitch.


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5. Guilty pleasure throwback song? (did you mean: my whole playlist)

6. Do you believe in ghosts/demons/aliens?

7. Do you enjoy reading/hearing about conspiracy theories?

8. Best and worst things about the place where you live? (can be your city or the whole country)

9. Your McDonald’s order? (or any other fast food of your choice)

10. What’s that one movie that you’re always quoting, almost on a daily basis?

11. So far, what’s the best thing that happened to you this year? :)

Liverpool ace Sadio Mane is teetotal and a devout Muslim… he’s far from your average top-flight footballer

Sadio Mane leans back in his chair and giggles. He is a serious kind of man but this time, he just can’t help it.

He has mentioned that he comes from a religious family in Senegal and so he has been asked how often they went to church when he was a child. ‘They are Muslims,’ he says, still laughing, 'so not so much church.’

Mane is popular at Liverpool’s Melwood training ground. He is friends with everyone, known for being humble and self-effacing. If some Premier League footballers give the impression they have been consumed by celebrity lives, Mane does not fit the stereotype.

Many, though, saw his signing as part of a trend under Jurgen Klopp’s management of Liverpool. Klopp, like Sir Alex Ferguson, buys players for their character as well as their football ability and Mane is a man to admire.

He grew up in the small village of Bambali, deep in the south of Senegal, where his father was the imam at the local mosque. When a Senegalese reporter visited last month, he was told that Mane had recently paid for the mosque to be reconstructed.

There were also rumours, the reporter noted, that Mane, like some other high-profile African footballers, was planning to plough money back into the region and start more projects to help local communities.

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How Brazil’s traditional food vendors took on FIFA and won

The World Cup organizers have had to amend their policy of allowing only sponsors’ wares to be sold at stadiums

On the cobbled streets of Salvador, in the shadow of faded pastel buildings that date from Brazil’s colonial era, an army of ladies in flowing white cotton dresses sell the local delicacy acarajé.

The dish, which, like much of the city’s culture, was first brought here by African slaves, consists of a deep-fried patty of black-eyed peas served with shrimp, cashew paste and pepper sauce.

But as FIFA has found out in the run-up to this month’s World Cup matches at  Arena Fonte Nova, the ladies — known for centuries as baianas — are not to be taken lightly.

Having served up acarajé in the old Estádio Fonte Nova for six decades, the sellers were aghast to be excluded from the vendors selected for the new stadium. So they started a high-profile campaign to force FIFA to allow the custom to continue and won a significant victory.


Cup of African Nations Amputee Football


Egyptian Soccer Star Mohamed Abo treka wearing a T-shirt that reads “Sympathize with Gaza,” during An African Cup of Nations match. in 2008

لم ولن ننسى لأبو تريكة موقفه النبيل بإشهار قميص يدعو إلى دعم غزة أثناء الاحتفال بهدف في كأس الأمم الأفريقية  لتنبيه العالم إلى معاناة اهل غزة

Eric Bailly is a red!

Manchester United have made their first signing, 22 year defender Eric Bailly from Villarreal CF. Eric joins on a four year contract with an option to extend for two more years.

Since joining Villarreal made 47 appearances after joining them in 29 January 2015. Bailly was also part of the 2015 Ivory Coast team that won the African Cup of Nations, having appeared in all 6 matches of the competition.

Bailly said, “It is a dream come true to be joining Manchester United. To play football at the highest level is all I have ever wanted to do. I want to progress to be the best that I can be and I believe working with Jose Mourinho will help me develop in the right way and at the right club. I am looking forward to meeting my new teammates and to starting this new chapter of my life.”

Eric Bailly’s transfer is still subject to him successfully obtaining a work permit.