I’ve followed her for many years now and was almost brought to tears when I heard the news of her becoming a principle dancer for ABT.

She is not only drop dead gorgeous but the most sensitive and well spoken role model we have for young girls today. Her life story is so compelling and makes me strive to make my life better. Cheesy as it sounds, this woman has inspired the hell out of me.

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for her in the future.


Exploring Folktales

Stories are powerful. They help us explain our names, why our favorite food is papaya, and describe the day we decided we hate flying. These verbal vehicles are the way we show the world how we are unique and irreplaceable, as well as the parts of us that are undeniably human and universally relatable.

In many African countries and Diasporan communities, stories serve as teaching tools; a way to share a community’s moral code, belief system, and pecking order. Some modern storytellers have adopted western formats to share a decidedly ‘African’ identity, while others hold staunch to traditional modes of storytelling.


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Twitter just showered Misty Copeland with roses, because she’s #PrincipalMisty
It's been an amazing week for our favorite superstar ballerina and all-around awesome person, Misty Copeland. First, she made history as the only African-American dancer to take on the lead role of Odette/Odile in American Ballet Theatre's production of Swan Lake, one of the most important and well-known ballets in the company's repertoire. And she pulled it off. In a big way. Huge. But she didn't stop there, because after all, this is Misty Copeland we're talking about. As the ballet world's first crossover star since Mikhail Baryshnikov ,Misty's not just queen of the dance world, she's queen of EVERYTHING. She's become a role model and symbol of perseverance over poverty, body shaming and racial stereotypes. So naturally, making history once in a week wasn't enough. Six days later, our girl did it again. On Tuesday, Misty Copeland was promoted to principal dancer (the highest possible rank within a professional dance company) at American Ballet Theatre, ...
The signs as species of penguins

Aries: Rockhopper penguin

Taurus: Emperor penguin

Gemini: Humboldt penguin

Cancer: Fiordland penguin

Leo: Little penguin

Virgo: King penguin

Libra: Macaroni penguin

Scorpio: African penguin

Sagittarius: Royal penguin

Capricorn: Galapagos penguin

Aquarius: Chinstrap penguin

Pisces: Erect-crested penguin

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