So true. In fact, before soap was made Africans had been using a special type of leaf to bath with which suds up on contact with water. The other side of the story was that Europeans didn’t bath because Most of Europe is cold and they were unaware that soap existed as well as undeveloped heating technology. The only people that bathed were the Japanese and Africans and eventually the Greeks.

Did you know that Africans descendants rarely got head lice because of our hair follicle unlike Asian and European hair is shaped like a bean as opposed to a round circle or oval shape and because we use hair products and chemicals that head lice hate. Head Lice can’t rarely attach to our odd shaped hair follicles and when they do it’s usually in less developed Countries with in Africa but rarely outside of Africa. 

Read the below article which explains that Africans get head lice but neglects to explain why as I have already done.


Oke Idanre - Ondo, Nigeria

The location of these hills is about 24 kilometres southwest of Akure the Ondo state capital.

The town is divided into Viz, the new settlement which is at the foot of the hills and Oke-Idanre the old settlements on the top of the hills.

There is the hill top sanctuary of Idanre, which consists of about 640 steps. These necessitated the construction of five resting posts along the steps to the top. At the top of the hill, there is an intriguing footprint, which is widely believed to enlarge or contract to accommodate every foot. It is as well believed that anybody whose foot does not exactly fit into the footprint is considered to be a witch or a wizard.

The cultural relics in term of gods, goddesses and traditional arts can still be seen in addition to the old palace built around the 17th century. The panoramic view of the new Idanre never fails to fascinate first time visitors.

Source: Ondo State Web Portal

Images © Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun 2012

In 1894, an all-black ice hockey league, known as the Coloured Hockey League was founded in Nova Scotia. Black players from Canada's Maritime provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island) participated in competition. The league began play 23 years before the National Hockey League was founded, and as such, it has been credited with some innovations which exist in the NHL today. Most notably, it is claimed that the first player to use the slapshot was Eddie Martin of the Halifax Eurekas. The league remained in operation until 1930.

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“You must write about your mothers with dignity. You do not use your modern feminism to measure their pride as women. Write about your mothers with dignity and do not let Westernization eat into your pride. So, let their feminism wear head wraps, let their feminism bow their head, let their feminism not be western educated, let their feminism not even speak english! That does not mean their choices as women during their time is not valid.” Ijeoma Umebinyuo
[photo: unknown source #turkana #tribe #northernkenya]
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Knowledge of who we are as a people is the best weapon we can have against the “system” of white supremacy. I do mean ALL our history the good the bad and the ugly. ALL of it teaches us something unique something that will give us a glimmer of hope something that will give us an insight something that will give us a revelation in uncovering, discovering our greatness as a culture of people. Even in our darkest hours there is something within those times that can give us the faith we need to unify ourselves together as one. WHEN WE LOVE OURSELVES SO DEEPLY, THEN THE WHITES WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO LOVE US! #SelfLove #africa #afrika #african #africanhistory #alkebulan #books #bkackhistory #dogons #kemet #DickGregory #Sirius #sękhmetkämäät #onelifecampaign #TheMissEducationOfTheNegro #DoOrDie #TheSiriusMystery #Nigger #InvisibleMan #BlackGenesis

The first modern human beings appeared on Earth about 250,000 years according to archeologists. They came from the rift valley in Ethiopia, and they were black. For literally over 100,000 years, every single human being was black. Modern day western Christianity, the versions of Christianity that were spread around the within the last 500 years, for the sake of conquering, robbery, enslavement, and brainwashing, did not come into existence until 325 A.D. when the Roman Emperor Constantine held the council of Nicea. The bible tells you these amazing fables on how the world was created and how humans came to exist just a few thousand years ago, yet there’s proof that us, black Africans, outdate Christianity by eons! Yet the bible told y'all 2+2=5 and y'all believe it. Time to wake up, white Jesus is a myth.

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Portrait of Thai and Naia

Pre- Ramessid period; beginning of

Dynasty XIX, fourteenth century B.C.

Limestone; height 35".

From the necropolis at Sakkara.

In type, this group statue of a married couple could belong to the end of the eighteenth Dynasty. That period could have produced the husband’s wig in two tiers, falling to his breast, as well as the wife’s, with its mass of braids. The same is true of the simplicity of the costumes, especially the woman’s. However a certain difficulty of expression and rusticity signify that the mechanical felicity of the Eighteenth Dynasty has been left behind. Some of the old modes reappear: the folds on  the belly of the man, to state anatomical demarcations; the indifference to the features of the faces, which are practically the same in both figures; and the geometric form of the volumes. A new and more modest beginning has been made. The old traditions have been investigated again, without the brashness of the artist who seeks to show himself superior to his teacher The interest is in rediscovering the tradition against which Tell el Amarna had rebelled.

We hope to see you at Part 2: Help Restore the Baton Rouge Community

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Thanks to justkeepdoing for letting me share this list publicly. She asked me to list a couple of books that will help with learning Nigerian history. 

Book 1: A History of Nigeria by Toyin Falola and Matthew Heaton. Cambridge Press, 2008. Covers history from 1500 AD.

Book 2: Nigerian Perspectives: An Historical Anthology by Thomas Hodgkin. Oxford University Press, 1960.

Book 3: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Heineman. 1958.

Book 4: Groundwork of Nigerian History by Obaro Ikime. Africa Books Collective. 1999.

Book 5: The West and the rest of us by Chinweizu. Random House. 1976.

I hope this list helps as many people as possible. 

Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

Getting my weekend read on! It’s important to look at our history from a wide spectrum and different viewpoints all of it has such great meaning and purpose! #JamesBaldwin #TheFireNextTime #EldridgeCleaver #SoulOnIce #JamesLowen #SunDownTowns #GeorgeG.M.James #StolenLegacy #books #africanhistory #alkebulan #black #BlackPanthers #kemet #onelifecampaign #revdanni #sękhmetkämäät #reverenddanni #KnowledgeIsPower #newyork #losangeles #Reading