These lovelies are umbelieavably beautiful umbrellas. I first spotted them on my friend Milli’s blog and then followed through the link and went to check them out. The first one with the King Protea is my fave.

They are by South African designer Clinton Friedman and you can buy them (on sale now by the way) on the awesome design emporium website Africandy, which I unfortunately want everything from.

Wedding Gift registry, birthday registry, unbirthday registry. I’m just saying. Check out the other stuff too - everything is beautiful!!


I LOVE Famke Koene’s range of jewellery! I have both the infinity ring and circle ring in silver, and so does about 4 other ladies at my office! I bought my 2 rings off Citymob, but you can also buy Famke Jewellery on Africandy and Indiemode. My next purchase will be a set of facet rings :) 

Here are Famke Jewellery details:
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