My jungle! All the potted plants are great accompaniment for the pretty fish tanks. I think I’m going to move that variegated pathos off the little table and onto the kitchen table, though. It’s awfully dark down there. I need two more large ceramic pots. I ran out. And I’d really like an extra pretty ceramic planter for the ficus, which is my favorite of the new stuff (its on the little table on top of the kitchen table) but I think I probably will just get terra cotta because its cheaper and then it matches everything else. Someday when it’s big maybe it can have its own special planter. 

When things warm up a bit, some of these guys that need higher light will move to either the front or back porch, including that tiny succulent behind the largest fish tank that’s ALREADY starting to etiolate despite my best efforts. But for now, they all get to be beautiful in here.

Reblog/Like if you're a "Great Gardener" but have killed many plants in your hobby/career

Don’t lie. I can’t be the only one with innumerable numbers of dead plants behind my belt despite my “green thumb” reputation. As one Horticulture Tech professor once said: “It takes killing it at least 5 times to really know/understand a plant”.

Herbs For Magical Empowerment & Protection - A

  • Acacia: Money, love, protection, psychic powers
  • Allspice: Money, luck, healing
  • Angelica: Protection, healing, visions, banishes hostility
  • African Violet: Protection, enhancing spirituality
  • African Lily / Agapanthus: Love
  • Alyssum: Protection against hexes
  • Agrimony: Balance emotions
  • Alfalfa: Prosperity, protection of home/property
  • Aloe: Love, beauty, protection against accidents & misfortune
  • Amaranth: Used in spells to heal a broken heart
  • Apple: love, healing, symbol of immortality
  • Arnica: To drive away thunderstorms burn arnica and say“Set arnica alight, set arnica alight, thunderstorm take flight.” protection, fertility, keep a spirit from entering or leaving an area. 

“[She’s] a remarkable collaborator, and she’s a shiksa goddess and a trapeze artist, all of that. She can fix the truck. Expert on the African violet and all that. She’s outta this world. I don’t know what to say. I’m a lucky man. She has a remarkable imagination. And that’s the nation where I live. She’s bold, inventive and fearless. That’s who you wanna go in the woods with, right? Somebody who finishes your sentences for you.”

–Tom Waits, on his wife and longtime collaborator Kathleen Brennan

This photo of an African Violet used a relatively short depth of field (area from front to back that’s in focus) to emphasize the flower that looks the best and is facing the camera, the way it’s facing… you know. When a plant has a bunch of flowers, it can actually be more difficult to get a good picture. A plant needs to be studied before finding the right angle. For this photograph I chose an angle that would give me flowers cascading into the foreground and also some behind in the background. I made sure to give it some hard light from the side to bring out the sparkles. We love the sparkles. They are fascinatingly distracting.

Wrapped up my botanical illustration bookplate project because I have critique tomorrow. We were supposed to visually explain the reproduction of a specific plant. I originally planned to use watercolor, but I really had no time and realized it was supposed to be B&W anyway. So I scrapped what I had and stayed up past 5 AM re-sketching and inking everything. Then today I went over to a friends’s apt and edited and labeled everything. I literally sat on their couch for over 6 hours trying to get this done. With no pee-pee breaks. Then I ran to my engineering friend’s department because he got free printing and nowww I just got home. Jesusss, what a day.