Sahara Sister

“Scratches left her velvet skin
Melting through like new porcelain
Terror was lost
For she only found love

Rich waves of lavender
Danced around her mothers hips
Passing down such a gentle curse
Skimming in every woman

Spiders spun webs of gold
Wearing them as jewels
She embraced the gift
Filing about the African sky

Tearing of leeches stuck inside
Hugging each one like a brother
Inviting in wild lifelines
Welcoming their energy

Kisses blew swiftly
Sunlight grew higher than her voice
Stepping on petals
Opening twig thin arms

Awaiting her sisters
Coming home across the seas
Rough with love
Chanting of their own.” ~ Luna Rose


So this is in my back yard right now. It’s 29 degrees Celsius and raining, which in my culture is meant to be a sign of Cheetahs getting married. #Rwanda The Africa They Never Show You? Pretty much.