You asked me what your love reminds me of

i. Lilac skies with a hint of gold. The warm caress of the evening sun on a farmer’s back after a long day. Paired with a dose of magic as a small rainbow halos around a giant cloud.

ii. The sound of long-awaited rain. The droplets falling onto the earth, soaking her in love from the heavens above. The precipitation pooling around the soil, urging her to nurture the fruits of their romance.

iii. The scent of vanilla massaged into coconut oil, a nectarous cupcake mix. Wafting around like miniature waves crashing against the shore on a breezy summer night.Food for the soul and a comfort for my racing heartbeat.

ცყ ı۷ყ ŋımơ

Samuel Anderson has won the Best Male Performance award at the 2015 Screen Nation Film and Television Awards.

Screen Nation Awards is a platform to raise the profile of black British and international film and TV talent of African heritage.

Anderson was presented the award for his work on Doctor Who and Trollied​ at a ceremony held at London’s Hilton Metropole last Sunday, and will air on the African Broadcasting Network​ (Sky 235) on Saturday, 28th February.

Playing House

Watching was a great skill of his- one of the three main skills that made up his being.  And watched the entity had.  It had watched for many a month as the people had moved about in this strange, primitive world.  A world were most people didn’t know demons existed!  The saps!

The watching phase had been fine, but the entity was finally tired of all that.  His dominant self had finally vetoed his more conservative side.  Now, it was time to make some moves.  He liked what he found in this strange new world.  He was going to keep them.

The sun was shining.  The house was perfect.  Of course it was.  It was all perfect.  The house on the ocean cliff was perfect.  The water was perfect.  His town- painstakingly detailed in every corner- was perfect.  It was so much better.  No more lonely mansion in a city of vice.  No more bland condo in the middle of the African sky.  No more beach-side home full of bratty children.  

No.  His family was together- the Family he had watched and chosen and taken from their stressful lives.  His perfect Family.  Finally.  

On that fateful day, Bill, Nick and Billy would rise in the house, together, a family, under the same roof, finally.