Ogbuide is a mythical figure of the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria. As a goddess she is a mother figure to all. Ogbuide is the the goddess of lakes and is associated with women who come and to the river and to collect drinking water and to bathe. The goddess is known for her great beauty and is believed to leave her watery home to wander around the marketplace to mingle with women. She calls on women to serve as her priestesses and through these special few, women bring their fertility problems to Ogbuide and seek advice from the goddess.

Monday Memes: For Ghanaians

Monday Memes: For Ghanaians

Happy Monday! I never realized how annoying this whole scenario above was until this past weekend. It’s funny because on Saturday this is EXACTLY the conversation I had with two different people. And then on Sunday I randomly saw this meme on Ghana Goddess’sInstagram page. I just find this Etisen response annoying. If the person is not Ghanaian, they usually cannot say anything else in Twi after…

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