_SISTERBATIK ♥ Exuberant Pillow Cases

Crushing on these new pillow cases by SisterBatik, with bright, bold and vibrant prints, the exuberance of batik prints adds a touch of character and warmth to any living space. SisterBatik uses genuine Dutch wax print and batiks, which are considered to be the best quality, they add a touch of embroidery details of French knots and colourful Sailor stitching.

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Amazing Apartment Interior Design with every element

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, the living room is the heart of the apartment and features several options for seating. There is space for both sofa, TV table, bookcase and chair. One corner is adorned with an old fireplace, perfect for creating a warm, delightful atmosphere.

Designed by Andrey Gorozhankin of Russian design studio Decolieu, is located in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Most of used materials are similar to those that are popular in eco-friendly construction. The whole interior house design is inspired by Japanese aesthetic and is a game of dark and light contrasts.

The interior of this large apartment features the mix of modern and ethnic African styles. The game of contrasts makes the interior apartment design very interesting. Warm and soft colors were chosen for finishes. The architect has managed to create an interior that fascinates and breaks design stereotypes.