I wasn’t going to post bc I’ve been so worried about Hurricane Irma but I just wanted to remind ppl that it’s hitting the Caribbean right now and I hope you guys will keep them in their thoughts and prayers. I was born in Texas but I grew up in the Virgin Islands as well and that’s where my family is from. They’re the ones who first taught me what pride looks like and to love my blackness. Embracing my heritage and culture is what ultimately made me the confident person I am today and I just hope and pray to God that they will make it out of this alright.
Happy Blackout.


I’ve always wished that they had at least one scene where Tiana’s hair was loose. I don’t count where her hair was short with that feather in her hair, I mean her normal hair being loose. So a few years ago I did a series of pictures of Tiana with loose hair, which the people of Fanpop loved very much! Her hair likely wouldn’t be this curly, but you never know. I think she looks gorgeous in these pictures and I’m very proud of my work on her here. I also think that Tiana is the most beautiful of all the Disney heroines! Plus, both she and her movie are CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED!