I did this as a #BlackLivesMatterToo updated illustration. I felt like it deserved more than a doodle in my sketchbook. As I said before its not an “us vs them” thing or a black lives are better than others. All lives matter, its just a reminder that black lives matter too. And just because you support the black lives matter movement doesn’t mean you have to be against any other movement. Personally I am pro police and pro black lives matter cause I think its wrong to judge an ENTIRE group based off of the actions of a few. 

Like all groups there are good people and bad people in pretty much any movement/group. So do NOT judge an entire group on the actions of a few. Not all cops are bad, not all black lives matter people promote violence, not all muslims are terrorists, not all whites hate blacks and not all whites have it easy.

it’s not US vs Them, we need to stop dividing and work harder on uniting. Spread the love. All lives matter, and right now we’re reminding you that black lives matter too. 

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More idea’s because I can’t stop; (most of these will apply for movies)

Poison Ivy - Native American, slim figure, extremely long straight dark hair (basically is Rapunzel)  

Harley Quinn- Short curvy Latina with lots of personality and sass. 

Batman/ Bruce Wayne- Korean American, inherited his fathers international company after their death. Uses most of his wealth and intelligence to help others. 

Superman/ Clark Kent- Raised by extremely sweet and intelligent immigrant parents from Mexico, speaks Spanish fluently because of it along with English from his school days. Would be even better if he was played by an African American actor. 

Wonderwoman- actual hella strong (like body builder muscles because God know’s she would have them) and tall deep skinned Amazonian goddess 

Auquaman/ Arthur Curry - African American because other than cyborg and maybe one other that I cant remember, but holy hell I want to see this. Also kind of think that an African American Green Lantern would be amazing.  

I’ve always thought portraits with a hand gesture gives the drawing more personality. Hopefully, this one makes the kiss more real. This muaaaahhh is inspired by Ewuradwoa Ahwoi

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Ok guys:

Why do ya’ll have to draw male African lions for the Voltron lions? I mean the whole bit where they’re lions from space is pretty silly considering they are Earth mammals but it doesn’t have to be an African lion.

Behold: Panthera leo spelaea AKA the cave lion.

They were huge and likely terrorized our poor ancestors during the last ice age. Also, remember this post I made about the cave paintings? Guess what, considering the location of the caves, they were probably cave lions. And I’m willing to trust the painted accounts of my ancestors enough to assume that since they were depicted without manes that cave lions did not sport one. 

So please explore alternative lion options for your fanart. :D If African lions are what you REALLY want, go for it. I’m just saying you don’t have to be limited on modern species to depict them.

im doing a challenge thing were i draw social media logos as dress’s and scene @shelathecat is such a talented and beautiful person she gets snapy chaty ovo

omg this sounds racist but im not good at drawing african americans Q~Q kendle senpai is better