“If a work of art can have a thesis, Receiver’s is this: our heavily circumscribed planes of existence may be pockmarked with minor frustrations and gutted with major tragedy, but, for now at least, humanity appears alone in the universe, and the stars are winking only at us.”

Happy 60th birthday to William Kentridge! A look at his illustrations for the book Receiver

Giraffe, Sky, Shadow - mixed media 18x24″

So news! I just got this one scanned in and prints are up at my art print shop over here. ($30 for 8x10) Do you have your giraffe? Everyone needs one!

Another of my group’s werewolves, or werewilddog in this case! akiralios‘s grumpy puppy Abeni.

Ughhh, Cape Hunting Dog markings are wonderful. <3 Such gorgeous animals. And it is exceedingly rad to have one in our pack. As much as I love our bunch of wolves, a little variety goes a long way!
Hmm, I do wish I were a little more consistant about this fur style though. Feel she turned out a little busier than I was intending. Ah well, still fun in the end.