Black Cat Appreciation Day | 17 August

10 Reasons Why Black Cats Should Be Appreciated Today and Every Other Day of the Year

1. Black Cats are less likely to be adopted from animal shelters for a variety of reasons. 

2. They have beautiful eyes. Black cats have high melanin levels causing their eyes to be golden in colour. 

3. In Japan, it is believed that a woman who owns a black cat will have many suitors. 

4. They always look silky and clean as dirt is camouflaged. 

5. Contrary to popular belief, in many countries black cats are considered good luck. 

6. They match with everything! 

7. They’re fantastic hunters so your rat population will always be under control. 

8. They’re just like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. 

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9. Black kittens are adorable! 

10. They absolutely deserve to be loved just as much as the next cat! 


An Unbreakable Bond…

Baloo an American black bear, Leo an African lion, and Shere Khan a Bengal tiger (all three known as BLT) were brought together as 2-month-old cubs and have grown up as a family.

The trio was originally owned by a wealthy drug dealer who didn’t properly care for them, leading to neglect, poor health and severe injuries.

In 2001, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit that cares for animals in need, came to the rescue, and took them to Locust Grove, Georgia, where they were treated for injuries.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, the staff separated them assuming that these three, large predatory animals would try and fight each other. However, the animals did not take kindly to being separated. When they were separated they became irritable and uncooperative.  Only when they were reunited, their demeanor considerably improved.  The trio had found comfort in each other, the Sanctuary’s staff realized that they couldn’t be separated and fenced them in together; Baloo, Leo and Shere Kahn live out their days cuddling, playing ball, chasing each other around and eating cookies. (video link)

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary houses over 1,200 rescued animals representing over 100 species. Admission to the sanctuary is free, relying solely on contributions to provide food, medical care, and enrichment to save animals in need.

photo credit: ©noahs ark sanctuary (1)