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tell me about unusual cats

oh GOSH this is so vague!! there are 37 species of wild cat so “unusual” can be taken so many ways omg like unusual looking/sounding/Cryptid species or like color morphs/mutations like there are So Many options here!!! but i’ll do some of each (under the cut) and lmk if theres anything else u wanna know!!

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Cuddling with mom! by Tambako The Jaguar
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One of the two girls together with her mom, cuddling and starting to yawn. So cute!


Side and back view of an African golden cat by Panthera Cats
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Djeneba looking at some ruins. Even if I don’t have the time to work on the comic, I still have some time to work on some tease and art for the future of Djandora.

Those ruins are called [GreenCity] by the locals. This name goes with great danger, no matter you living close to it, something bad will happen to you eventually. Those cities are extremely dangerous, what ever it is unstable infrastructures, anomalies, mutated things, golems and much more crazy things you could imagine. GreenCities seems to have their own Ecosystem. So far in Djandora, nobody has been able to live long enough to tell what’s going on there… .

A serious challenge for Djeneba.

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234A6898.jpg by Mark Dumont