Black-footed cats, Yuna and Sawyer, may resemble your average house cat, but they’re pawsitively unique. As the smallest African species, black-footed cats are naturally rare and considered Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. Visitors to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park can get a glimpse of this secretive pair in Nairobi Village next to the fennec fox.

How to Summon Cat

Here are several methods I have witnessed to attract stray cats to your doorstep:

  1. Have a cat. Caring for a cat will summon more cats. Why? Cats.
  2. Photocopy a picture of a cat and tape inside the door (or window). No, really. Makes cats think there are cats in the house and initiates method 1). Supplement with method 4)
  3. Catnip. Plant it. Grow it. Cats shall find it. Bonus effect of having decent tea permanently on hand.
  4. Feed any other cat. Domestic cats are descended from african cats. If you’ve ever met a lion, you’ll know they bond to things that are willing to feed them. If you feed one, they will come. 
  5. Pray to Bast or other cat-related deities and be very polite and make nice offerings and maybe one will turn up out of the blue.

That’s it that’s all I got. Remember that stray cats should be TNRed and outdoor cats should be neutered, okay that’s all. 

star-wreck  asked:

tell me about unusual cats

oh GOSH this is so vague!! there are 37 species of wild cat so “unusual” can be taken so many ways omg like unusual looking/sounding/Cryptid species or like color morphs/mutations like there are So Many options here!!! but i’ll do some of each (under the cut) and lmk if theres anything else u wanna know!!

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Cuddling with mom! by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
One of the two girls together with her mom, cuddling and starting to yawn. So cute!


Cheetah Leans Against Fence so that Meerkats can Groom Him

In the wild, Cheetahs would view Meerkats as snack food. Here, they pet and groom him while he purrs.