What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Selena Qunitanilla single handedly smashed the patriarchy of tenjano music by becoming the highest selling artist in a male dominated music genre, won a Grammy, started her own clothing line of Latin inspired designs and patterns, this woman was a trend setter in fashion, music, dance, and was the light of so many people’s lives and if she were still alive today she would be no doubt one of the most iconic singers/fashion designers of our era. In fact, she was so iconic during her lifetime, that the state of Texas continues to observe her birthday as “Selena Day”, her biopic staring Jennifer Lopez continues to play every year around that time, and there’s a Selena museum dedicated to her life, displaying her most iconic garments she wore during her many performances. She made her family proud, she made the Latino community proud, Chorpus Christi proud, shit she makes me, a non Latina African American proud, she is an icon. An ICON. ICONIC.

Found a “fan” page dedicated to “White Storm”...

And I am in utter disbelief. Storm is a proud African woman. Being African is a huge part of her personality, who she is, what has shaped her into the person she has become. To whitewash her is to pretty much strip away everything she is on top of being RACIST AS FUCK! And they had to nerve to say and I quote because I can’t make up such fuckery, “Imagine how pretty she’d be if she was white”. EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME. White hair and blue eyes against ebony skin isn’t pretty? Ororo means beauty! (I bet they refuse to refer to her by her actual name.) In canon men like the likes of Thor, Loki, T’Challa, Dr. Doom, Dracula, Cable, Quicksilver, and Wolverine just to name a few have shown interest in her. But she isn’t pretty to you because she’s black?

Tell me

Storm isn’t


She is a strong, gorgeous, black woman in a comic verse that already greatly lacks diversity and yet, you hate that she is black. To the creator of that blog (which I will not name here, because they don’t deserve the attention) the artists doing white rendering of her and your followers you should be embarrassed, you ignorant, bigoted peasant. 

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Proud Native American, Proud African-American by Ann Fisher
Via Flickr:
A strong dancer celebrates her heritage at the Potawatomi Trails pow wow in Zion. Carrying a prayer fan.
Sign language that African Americans use is different from that of whites
Sign language that African Americans use is different in some respects from that of whites.

And when a smaller group of black students meets to describe and demonstrate the distinctive flavor of Black ASL, they refer emotionally to their attachment to their own brand of signing and how it reflects their identities as African American members of the deaf community.

“It shows our personality,” says Dominique Flagg, through an interpreter.

“Our signing is louder, more expressive,” explains Teraca Florence, a former president of the Black Deaf Student Union at the university, where 8 percent of the student body is African American. “It’s almost poetic.”

Proud as they are of its distinctive rhythm and style, Flagg and the other students say they worry about assumptions others make about their signing. “People sometimes think I am mad or have an attitude when I am just chatting with my friends, professors and other people,” Flagg says.

Others express concern that Black ASL is sometimes seen as less correct or even stereotyped as street language, echoing a sentiment expressed by some African American signers interviewed for the book who describe the ASL used by white people as “cleaner” and “superior.”

It’s a familiar feeling for McCaskill, who remembers how she had to learn to fit in with the white kids at her integrated school all those years ago.

Malcolm X at University of Ghana (May 13, 1964)

“President Nkrumah is doing something there that the government in America does not like to see done, and that is he’s restoring the African image. He is making the African proud of the African image; and whenever the African becomes proud of the African image and this positive image is projected abroad, then the Black man in America, who up to now has had nothing but a negative image of Africa — automatically the image that the Black man in America has of his African brothers changes from negative to positive, and the image that the Black man in America has of himself will also change from negative to positive.

And the American racists know that they can rule the African in America, the African-American in America, only as long as we have a negative image of ourselves. So they keep us with a negative image of Africa. And they also know that the day that the image of Africa is changed from negative to positive, automatically the attitude of twenty-two million Africans in America will also change from negative to positive.”


Stop with the fucking division. 

I am a black proud African and would love nothing more than to enjoy this movie with every race and creed on this planet. 

Stop with the fucking “Will there be a black only screening?”

Stop with the fucking “No whites allowed in this movie”

(And guess what there will be some white people in the movie and if you can’t handle that you better check  your future plans in regards to this film.) 

As a community we are better than that. There is merit to the saying “be careful when fighting monsters that you do not become a monster yourself.”

We are not Black Supremacist. We don’t exclude. We don’t make judgments on the basis of skin color. 

We’re going to lead by example. We’re going to show the world what it looks like when people of different colors come together united by a fandom. 

Yes, the racist out there will try their best to ruin this for us and makes us be hateful like them, but let’s not give them the benefit of getting under our skin. 

No amount of clapping back at them will do anything other than bring us to their level. 

Come February 2018 let’s all go the theater to watch this bad ass film together regardless of skin color. We are all welcome!

ok but you guys, Black Panther will have 2 dark-skinned female leads (Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira) that won’t portray their characters in a negative light as “ghetto” or slaves. Can you imagine all the little dark skinned girls in the theaters seeing the ethereally beautiful Lupita and Danai kicking ass and taking names whilst simultaneously embracing their dark skin tone and being proud African women with natural hair? this movie is literally gonna change everything and I’m so here for it.


An African Violet that I’m exceptionally proud of. There are many people who dislike white flowers - they claim that they are boring, look yellowish and ugly when they being to fade, and so on - but I rather enjoy them. There is just something pure and serene about a solid white flower. The variegation on this plant doesn’t hurt either. 😉


Repost via @nonilikedajuice: “POWERFUL POEM!!!!! Afro Colombian girl speaks with volumes with this poem about self love!! This is what all countries of the African diaspora should be doing especially in Latin America. This was deep and uplifting!! It’s great to see Colombia teaching their children of their African heritage and being proud of it!! #repost 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿✊🏿

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If you do headcanons, how Evans characters would react to you coming out as something that was heterosexual? For example: bi, gay, pan, Demi, gender fluid, trans.

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Tate would be so chill about it. Like it’d come up when you’re playin games and he’d shrug like ‘ok’. It doesn’t bother or concern him. “Cool. It’s your turn.” So he’d accept you 120%.

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ok ok Kit would be so fuckin happy you told him. He’s open about everything given he had 2 wives and one was African American. “i’m so proud of you!” He’d hug you and stand up for you whenever. He thinks the world needs to change tbh.

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sweet sweet ky…so confused. He’d grunt a lot, squinting his eyes bc he doesn’t get it. But when he’s recovers  he’d be like ‘oh mY GOD THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS" and be like a happy puppy.

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when you’d tell Jimmy he would think you made it up. So you’d follow him around camp, trying to explain it to him. Then he’d stop; you’d  run into him and he’d stare at you. “you’re different like me” he’d smile.

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the look on James’ face would be priceless; like a confused smile (ahem the high five thing). “what” So you tell him and he’d listen so intensely. Probably demand to know more at once. Everything you know, he’d wanna know.