Support a Black, Indie Writer and Her First Novel: Remains.

Remains by black, indie writer Belle Antoinette, joins the short but growing list of diverse books. This book contributes to the YA Paranormal drama and focuses on 6 main protagonists, including a female African-American lead. The author drew inspiration from her love for tv shows like Buffy and Charmed and books like Harry Potter, and was inspired to write a paranormal adventure that included all the people who are typically excluded or only included to be side characters/villains. Unfortunately, the idea wasn’t easy to sell to publishers, and those who were interested also wanted the author to change the ethnicity of my protagonist.



Most believe supernatural beings to only exist in fairy tales. For Victoria Wesley, a hot-headed teenage witch with a chip on her shoulder, the supernatural world is all too real.

Four years ago her parents were slaughtered for inexplicable reasons. As the sole survivor of her family, Victoria sets out to bring their killers to justice. In her determination to find out who was responsible she meets a group of young witches and a mysterious vampire named Adrien who make her question everything she thought she knew.

The world of the supernatural is far more complicated and dangerous than she ever realized. When ulterior motives are revealed knowing who to trust proves to be the hardest decision she’s ever made. When the lines between right and wrong are blurred Victoria has to figure out how far you can go before you become one of the bad guys.

Will Victoria be able to get what she wants without losing sight of who she is? Will she make it out of this alive?

Written by Belle Antoinette

The book can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

The author of the work can be contacted on tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

anonymous asked:

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