David Hammons (b. 1943) is an African-American artist from New York City. Among his works, which are often inspired by the civil rights and Black Power movements, one of the best known is the “African American Flag”, which he designed in 1990 by recoloring the U.S. national flag in the Garvey colors (red, black, and green of the Pan-African flag). The flag is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and a copy is hoisted at the entrance to the Studio Museum in Harlem, a New York museum devoted to the art of African-Americans.

Kinda scared to make this post

Cause niggas on here like to say ignorant shit for laughs, but I’m really thinking about maybe making a petition for an African American flag emoji. I’m probably the only person who really cares about something like this though…idk

The Black guy died first.

As we celebrate this day of American Independence, let’s take a moment to remember the very first man who died for what-would-become-the-United-States.

His name was Crispus Attucks.

His father was a Black slave and his mother was from the Natick tribe. Crispus ran away from his childhood plantation. He became a respected sailor in New England. Whilst in Boston in 1770, a dispute with redcoats led to them opening fire on Crispus and then several others. This incident became known as “The Boston Massacre”, which, you’ll recall, jump-started the American Revolution.

As Black people are shot in the streets (and churches) on a daily basis, as Native tribes are further displaced, and as White people desperately cling to a symbol of bigotry, let’s take a moment to remember when the death of a Black man and Native American inspired this country to change for the better.

Happy 4th, y'all.

Spirit of Freedom an African-American Civil War Soldier Celebration

Andrew Bowman stands with an American flag and a portrait of his grandfather, Andrew Jackson Smith of the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Colored Infantry, as Bowman portrays Smith, at the Spirit of Freedom, the 18th Annual African-American Civil War Soldier Celebration at Crown Hill Cemetery, Thursday, June 5, 2014.  Kelly Wilkinson/The Star

Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 64 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 128 Enlisted men by disease. Total 197.


Ukraine: Anger as Neo-Nazis Display Confederate Flag in Kiev

This was the flag of slave holding states in the United States that seceded in 1861, causing the Civil War. Today the symbol is used by the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi groups, and other organizations who are hostile to African-Americans. For the last several decades, protests have continued, demanding that this flag not be displayed in public places.

Many people were greatly disturbed to see that the Confederate Flag is now being displayed, not in the United States, but in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.

Larry Holmes, a civil rights activist in New York City, explained why the flag is so offensive. After Kiev was seized by US backed anti-Russia protesters, the confederate flag was displayed in city hall. Holmes says that this causes him to be very concerned about the new regime.

African American Day Parade

So this has been running through my mind for a minute, but what encouraged me to finally write on my blog about it was an African American Day Parade post and the comments that followed out with it. I’ve lived in Harlem all my life up until 2006 when I moved. One thing I can say about the African American Day parade in Harlem is that gentrification to me is not the ONLY reason as to why its not as popular as it should be. This has been going on for a hot minute way before the completed form of Harlem being gentrified and fucked over. It has also to do with those who know of the parade but then are quick to go on social sites such as FB and say they ain’t going cause it’s gonna be whack or from other comments I’ve seen they’ve said something like how its just gonna be another shoot out so what’s the point of going. Then you have people who live in nyc and didn’t even know that there was such a thing as an african american day parade. Then of course you have the wonderful media who only post shit up (usually in the newspaper) about the parade when and if there is a shoot out and if they do mention it in a positive light (in only the newspaper!) they put it in a small corner where anyone could obviously miss the shit. I’ve never seen it broadcasted onto TV like they do with for example the National Puerto Rican Day Parade that’s hosted on 5th Ave with every news station tuned in.

The last time I went to the African American Day Parade I remember getting off the train on my way there and expecting to see fellow parade goers holding various sizes of the African American Flag just as the proud parade goers for the Caribbean parade in brooklyn, but sadly that was not the case. Overall when I think about this parade I get so frustrated because i feel like this shit should be a big ass fucking deal, I want lights camera action on this motherfucker to show that we the best and sadly we don’t receive that kind of recognition. I want large ass crowds of people on the ave, on the train, every where just turning the fuck up for our parade and I haven’t seen it yet. Yeah there are crowds but it ain’t as much as it should be. Also I understand that there is an importance for why it’s hosted on 7th Avenue but I feel like since we ain’t getting no where with that location, we might as well follow up and take over fifth avenue,I think it’s only right.