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@visibilityofcolor i see you’re looking into strong muslim women in history, here is a post on an african muslim warrior queen.

Queen Amina of zazzau

she was born in 1533 in precolonial Nigeria.

She expanded the territory of the Hausa people to its largest borders in history. Muhammad bello (the earliest historical source) claimed she was the first to establish government among the hausa lands in northern Nigeria.

Her mother’s reign was known for peace and prosperity, Amina chose to hone her military skills from the warriors of the Zazzau military. As a result, she emerged as leader of the Zazzau cavalry and became a great military strategist.

She led her first military charge a few months after assuming power. For the rest of her 34 year reign which was a period of uninterrupted war, she continued to fight and expand her kingdom to its greatest in history. She personally led an army of 20,000 men to numerous battles. The objective of her conquest was not on annexation of neighboring lands but forcing local rulers to accept vassal status and allow Hausa traders safe passage.

Amina brought unheard wealth to the land, gold, new crops eg she introduced kola nuts into the region, and because her people were talented metal workers, Amina introduced metal armor, including iron helmets and chain mail, to her army. 

Amina is also credited as the architect of the strong earthen walls around the city, which became the prototype for the fortifications used in all Hausa states. She built many of these fortifications, later known as ganuwar Amina or ‘Amina’s walls’, around various conquered cities. she fortified each of her military camps with the walls and later towns and villages sprung up within these protective barriers, Many of these walls remain in existence to this day. The walls provided security, definition to settlement and protected hausa markets from threat. Also, politically, walls were considered prestigious, their size a measure of a ruler’s ability to command the labour of his or her subjects.

She was loved by her people, is subject to a lot of legends and her exploits earned her the moniker Amina, daughter of Nikatau, a woman as capable as a man

Amina’s walls

Her statue made in 1975 in lagos Nigeria

Queen Amina sculpture


There once was a girl & boy who lived in Charolette Lane
The woman was gracious as ever
As she embraces her beauty
Her greatness in her skin
Her knots in the locs of her hair
She rides alongside her man
Seeing him
Seeing his reflection
She begins to stare at his soul
All of the hurt and all the pain
The universe moves faster
The air pushes faster
Brushes her away
God willing she wants to glide with him
But can’t leave her daunting past
As time knocks on her door ever single damn time like an overfull sock drawer
She wants to move
She wants to run with him
But she can’t because he must love the two of her
He must decide if he wants two of her not half
Slice a peer in half and give her one
But finish both and you have ate the seed of life
We join together as one but we live separate in the temple
He loves her just the way she is but finds faults in everything she does even though he loves her effortlessly
Your hair Is like a BRAIDED antenna touching the universe.
Your hair is made to fly
The best way to speak to God
We were created
We are one
We are love
We are one but separate in the temple a poem by Africancreature

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Photographer: @alherath
Wardrobe Styling: @StevenOnoja
Hair: @africancreature
MUA: @lilymoralesmakeup

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