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Why Crooklyn is so Important:

It’s a movie unlike any other in three important ways 

  1. It’s a coming of age movie about a young girl. 
  2. It’s a coming of age film about a black girl.
  3. It’s a coming of age film about a girl that isn’t really about the men in her life. 

Most coming of age films are about young men because Hollywood finds their stories to be of more value even in the black community most coming of age films are about men (Boyz in the Hood, Juice, Menace to Society etc) and even when movies are made about young girls they’re really about the girl’s boyfriend or father. Crooklyn is about a girl growing up and slowly becoming a woman. It’s not about her losing her virginity(Hollywood seems to thing that the only way girls become women is through a penis)or her first love, or her father, it’s solely about her and how she sees the world. I think that’s beautiful and that more movies like that need to be made not only for girls but for black girls. 


Black Folks Can Totally Go Wine-Tasting in Napa. Just Don’t Laugh Too Loud.

The saga began on Saturday morning when the women, who are part of a book club called “Sisters on the Reading Edge,” set off on the Napa Valley Wine Train. They did what any group of friends would do on a wine train: drank, laughed and had fun. But this stopped when a train manager came and asked them to quiet down. After some back and forth and a follow up confrontation, the women were escorted off the train, past all of the other paying customers, and met by four local police officers. The train company offered a response, but it’s hardly an apology. 


Tusker House Restaurant in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World 

The Tuskar House is a buffet style restaurant located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At this colorful Harambe marketplace eatery, you’ll find a family-focused buffet brimming with African and American flavors. For breakfast and lunch you can experience a character meal at Donald’s Dining Safari. For the dinner buffet enjoy dishes such as vegetable samosas, potato wedges, curried rice salad, pearl couscous, tabbouleh and rotisserie chicken. Guests 21 years of age and older can also enjoy a selection of African wines and beer. Reservations are recommended.


Here for a poetry feature! At @ladynyoth ’s INCREDIBLE private dinner series “Maps of Africa” !!! Tonight we will visit her home country Cameroon with a five course meal and African wine selection. Sure to be a treat! Find out more about her series by following her! #Mbombo #mapsofafrica #Cameroon #losangelesevents #dtla #artsdistrict #cusine #QueenGladys ❤️💚💛❤️💚💛🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🍷🍷🍷🍴🍴🍴 (at Arts District, Los Angeles)

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2014 Creation Syrah/Grenache

Life can’t get any better than basking in the sun and enjoying some South African wine! Black and red cherries, hint of vanilla, touch of earth/mulch, and molasses on the nose. Riper on the palate with cherries, blackberries, plums, black pepper, and a touch of earth. 

3/5 bones


Grenache, Syrah

14.5% abv