african wild dog puppy

did you know that african wild dogs have the strongest bite force quotient out of all mammals in carnivora, which means it essentially has the most jaw strength in relation to its mass

this is part of why they’re known as cruel hunters, because they take turns running their prey to exhaustion and then disembowel them while still alive by shredding through them with sharp teeth

they’re very efficient hunters because of that pack dynamic, though, and have a higher success rate wrt kills than lions (who actually have very low success rates)

but despite that they’re really not very mean animals,,, their entire pack structure is based on submission, rather than dominance, and will greet even new african wild dogs with puppy-like behavior even to the point that they dont fight over food or territory (dens are really the only ‘sacred’ places to them, actually, and thats most likely paternal instinct protecting pups)