african turtle

Tales from a pet store

Just a sampling of things that happened at work today:

A man and his son wanted to stuff five goldfish in an 80 gallon tank, and in the same tank put in four small (expressly asked for small) snails and a school of tetra. Managed to talk him out of the tetra (though he did not know nor care that his fish required different temperatures) but he insisted on the snails. They’re gonna end up eaten, I told him, but he insisted.

A man wanted to stuff four ghost shrimp, four neon tetra, two pepper cories, and a lyretail in a 10g tank to “start it back up.” Ignored all advice on each animal’s needs and cycling. Ignored advice that he can’t put all those animals in the tank at once.

A man asked me why his cichlids all died. I asked if he’d cycled the tank. He told me no. I attempted to explain cycling to him. He told me “that’s too hard, I don’t want to do that.” I managed to talk in out of buying fish and he said he’d do a water change. Dunno if he actually will.

Our African sideneck turtle is developing lesions and losing toes. One of our hams had a seizure and had to be put down. That one fucked me up a bit. One of the guinea pigs has ringworm. Another guinea pig has an eye infection and just wants his head rubbed. I rubbed his head to calm down about the ham.

It was a very long day.

Hey reptiblr! Some advice?

In two months I’m moving across country with all of my pets. It’s going to be a 4-5 day trip. My dogs and guinea pigs will be fine, not worried about them. But I have two ball pythons, a kingsnake, a crestie, a leopard gecko, and an african sideneck turtle to move. One python and the turtle have moved previously with me but it was only a 5 hour trip. This is one from north carolina to washington.

Anyone have any advice, tips, things to watch out for, or experience with this long of a move? We’ll be stopping at night at friends’ places as well so they’ll have times where I can provide new water, check everyone, etc…


finally put price tags on them.I wanted to take a photo of whole team but still has 3 wips on my desk and im sad that i didnt had change to photo some custom orders too.. second photo is my favorite scrap project ever<3 free pattern is from ravelry if you search as african flower soccer ball! 

Turtle Help!

Okay guys. So my aunt is moving up north and her son has what I am told to be an African Longneck turtle. The move is really stressing my aunt out and so I offered to take the turtle in until thanksgiving, when they will be more settled into their new home. Are there any turtle blogs on here that I can follow or anyone who is experienced with this species? I know general turtle care but the African Longneck appears to be more uncommon and more of an intermediate reptile, so I’m brushing up on specifics at 11:30pm because I want this turtle to have the best care I can give it. Tips would be appreciated. Not sure what his setup is but my guess is that it’s wrong so I’m prepared to invest into the turtle’s care with my aunt’s permission.