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The Three of Coins is a positive card representing teamwork, and planning, and the successes that come from both. Seek accompaniment in difficult projects and working together you will surely accomplish your goals!

Had a lot of fun with this one. Especially the swirly wirly background. :3
Some peoples are going to hate you

And not even know you nor take the time to understand your life your struggle your passion. But some might try to clone vibrations that’s not even on there frequency…

Just remember they ain’t born you nor can they have or even be you ..

Some life shit read and pass it on ✨🌺.
-The Melodist

Im so not opening this yet nor using it until i relocate 🌠 but im so happy #Giant set yess i think also in my opinion every one that would like to start doing readings for self or others should get #RiderDeck its a classic but don’t hold back if a card calls to you from the artwork to the vibes 🌠🌙🔮..


** Happy to even find them cause the Giant deck are hard to come by even cost a lot more then others 😖 if you get off line **.


SoOo I got my lovely #Giant #riderdeck I been messing around with other Spreads and one that I found very interesting is #theEmpressSpread which if you look at the next photo I could say I’m very happy with my #Reading and how it explain me and as well how others see me 🙃😊😈 ..

For any one who would like to try it here’s the simple description of how it’s done

Use this spread to answer any question. Pull The Empress from your deck and place her in the center, casting your cards around her.
1. What do I love?
2. How do I nurture others?
3. What emotion is flowing?
4. Who am I?
5. What power do I exert?
6. What stability do I maintain?
7. What is being born?
8. What fertile grounds await?

From #SashaGrahams365 #TarotSpreads which her book 📚 is up next on my list !..

Another on point session .

-The High

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