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THE NIGHT - Guidance that comes at night, our nocturnal or primal selves wrapped in darkness/mystery, on a quest for inner knowing. Singular but expansive, confusion with clarity, part of the whole but in solitude, intuitive but uncertain.
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The Three of Coins is a positive card representing teamwork, and planning, and the successes that come from both. Seek accompaniment in difficult projects and working together you will surely accomplish your goals!

Had a lot of fun with this one. Especially the swirly wirly background. :3

August 10, 2017 

Today, stagnation may try to get in the way but push through the trials. This is one way to remain in control. Under the influence of the Queen of Wands, your presence brings a sense of elegance, and your passionate nature shall easily guide you to your throne. The Queen of Wands and the Hanged Man (in reversed) are both inviting you to control the things which bring you adventure. As long as you communicate your ideals and beliefs to your friends, angels, ancestors, and/or spirit guides, then you’re not alone. Take time initiating your passions.

Some peoples are going to hate you

And not even know you nor take the time to understand your life your struggle your passion. But some might try to clone vibrations that’s not even on there frequency…

Just remember they ain’t born you nor can they have or even be you ..

Some life shit read and pass it on ✨🌺.
-The Melodist

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