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Amid the seemingly endless news coverage of the Rachel Dolezal affair, one thing has become clear: One white woman’s ongoing identity crisis has somehow outstripped the truly pressing matters affecting black people across the United States. Our time and energy would be much better spent addressing the real issues that impact the black community.

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Hey!! So i was wondering if you could help me out: I'm North African and my hair structure is very... frizzy. I mean, I have curly hair but there's a lot of frizz and flying hair. I usually straighten it but it's just so damaging, and I was wondering what I could use to maintain my curls and not have so much friZz( especially in the scalp area)? I thought maybe you could help me out since you probably know someone with the same problem or even had it yourself?

yes I had this same experience!!

  • probably obvious but I didn’t know until a v nice Latina hairdresser told me: do not brush or comb your hair when it’s dry!! not all hair needs to be brushed every morning! I just brush it (carefully) in the shower when it has conditioner in it and then rinse
  • find a rinse-out conditioner that works for you. most conditioners probably won’t have the moisture content that you need for yr hair & so I recommend using products geared towards natural / black hair if you’re not already. I personally use a rinse-out conditioner for natural hair from cantu and also a leave-in conditioner that I use after I take a shower. you can also do deep-conditioning treatments every month or so
  • dry your hair with an old t-shirt, not a towel (which are too drying and can cause frizz)
  • there are also hair styling creams that you can use–again I’d go with ones geared towards natural hair, but you can always switch if you find them too heavy. I usually don’t bother with these though except for special occasions
  • get a satin bonnet to sleep in or a satin pillowcase

keep in mind that a lot of North African hair just is floofy and flyaway and that’s the way it’s gonna be. these are things that can cut down on damage to your hair and help hold curls together but chances are you’re not going to get rid of frizz entirely and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. a lot of my curls still do dissolve into floof especially towards the back and I think it’s cute

Black men have done everything possible to change America’s perception of them: walked in space, moonwalked on Earth, invented a traffic signal, gone home to Cleveland to play basketball and save a city, fought and died in wars and captured the Oval Office with an unstated promise to mostly keep quiet about the persistence of racism. But it’s not good enough.
—  Marcia Dyson, Erase the fear of a black planet

Would it literally kill video game developers to give us more than one facial mesh to work with?

Like, maybe instead of starting with a facial mesh based on statistically average Nordic European bone structure, and having to crank half the knobs and sliders to their minimum/maximum values to make a black character (thus leaving no latitude for fine customisation), we could just get a facial mesh based on, say, statistically average West African bone structure in the first place?

It’s not like this is a hard problem. The relevant biometric data is freely available - you don’t even need to pay for it. A lot of games already support multiple facial meshes because they use separate baselines for male and female PCs, so the coding infrastructure is already in place, even.


The adult elephants in our herd came from Swaziland in 2003, where they were scheduled to be killed due to overpopulation. Upon their arrival, we also launched a reproductive program to benefit the demographics and genetic structure of African elephants in N. America. We’re proud to say we’ve had many additions since then. Much love for our herd and the wild species still roaming the earth. ‪#‎GoGrey‬ ‪#‎WorldElephantDay‬


I know very little about canine conformation and structure, but I do know that Chalo has an incredibly straight shoulder, and I sense it is already affecting his soundness somewhat. (At 3.5 years old, his shoulders often feel tight and tense.) 

I also know he is the most beautiful dog in the world, forever and ever.

p.s. I’ve gotten structure/conformation evaluations on him before, but I’m always open to hearing what other people see! Good and bad! Evaluate away. I’m all about learning. (Seriously, he’s neutered and I bought him in a Malawian village for the equivalent of a dollar – nothing you say could possibly hurt my feelings.)