african restaurants

Soul food restaurants and the Civil Rights movement have an intimate history. African-American historian Maurice Hobson, Ph.D. visited the historic Paschal’s Restaurant to meet with Eby Marshall Slack, the only surviving member of the Paschal’s original staff. In true southern fashion, Professor Hobson and Mr. Slack sat down for brunch to discuss the origins of the restaurant/motor hotel, its involvement and impact on the civil rights movement, the Paschal Brothers lasting legacy and the soul food.


Today’s adventures-

My first board meeting went well. There were 5 of us sitting at a table on the board president’s patio overlooking the ocean (photo 1). My boss was a bit anxious, because she had new budget proposals and had to ask them to increase dues by 20% and give us a 3% increase. They voted unanimously to approve the new budget and told her how much they appreciated her hard work.

Since we were in Laguna Beach, we decided to have lunch. We came across a South African style restaurant (with exotic birds and chairs in the elevator), and we split a sampler platter and a Portuguese hot butter pudding for dessert.

It was a pretty great day.

Now Nick and I are headed out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Have a safe and happy Saturday night, everyone!