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September 24th 1537: First Mexican slave rebellion

On this day in 1537, the first rebellion of African slaves occurred in the Spanish colony of Mexico. Despite 1537 being relatively early in the history of Atlantic slavery, this was not the first such revolt in Latin America, with rebellions dating back from 1512. Mexican slavery expanded following the rise of silver mines and sugar plantations - labour-intensive work which required importation of more slaves from Africa. This created concentrated slave populations, as in Mexico City, and saw slaves outnumber Spanish conquistadors. Additionally, slaves were aware of the political turmoil that beset the Spanish king, and seized on this information to plan their revolt. The rebellion was a co-ordinated decision between slaves and Native Americans in Mexico City and Tlaltelolco to murder their Spanish oppressors, led by a chosen slave king. The uprising was planned for midnight on September 24th, but the plans were thwarted when one slave revealed the plot to Viceroy Mendoza. The viceroy - the Spanish representative in the colony - ordered the arrest of the ringleaders. One female and four male slaves were executed for their role in the plot, with Native Americans acting on the viceroy’s orders and killing the instigators themselves. The plot worried the Spanish authorities, and the viceroy suspended the dispatch of new slaves to Mexico to prevent further rebellions. This incident demonstrates that African slaves continually resisted their oppression, as whilst this was the first rebellion in Mexico, it was by no means the last. Mexican slaves rejected their enslavement not just with violent uprisings, but also by establishing runaway slave settlements called ‘palenques’. Slave resistance was thus ubiquitous during the centuries preceding the abolition of slavery in Mexico in 1829.

This land belongs to the Indigenous people. This is a fact that the African People’s Socialist Party is clear on and expresses continuously.

What is evident here is that the construction of the pipeline is a reflection of settler colonialism. Still, the Indigenous people of this land have no self-determination and exist at the whim and mercy of the colonizer––foreigners.

The struggle against colonialism must be made. All attempts for the struggle to be co-opted by the white left and turned into an environmentalist struggle must be struggled against. We see plenty white activists, celebrities and politicians infiltrating the struggle, lamenting on how we need to save the Earth.

In reality, it is the system of parasitic capitalism, created and upheld by these same white people, which is responsible for the damage of our planet. Parasitic capitalism sacrifices the Earth’s natural resources and well-being of its inhabitants for the monetary gain of the white ruling class and capitalist corporations. We should not lose sight of this.

The African People’s Socialist Party, stands in solidarity with our Indigenous sisters and brothers. We, too, demand “No Dakota Access Pipeline”!

Smash colonialism

Smash Parasitic Capitalism

This land belongs to the Indigenous people!

—  Kalonda Mulamba, African People’s Socialist Party

Lowkey (and by lowkey I mean HIGHKEY!!!) I love being African so much, whenever I hear the word African images of revolutions, resistance, resilience, just can’t help but come to mind. We’re a people who have had our countries pillaged and invaded for centuries, but even through all that we’ve still managed to preserve so much of our culture and heritage and that’s so freaking amazing. We may be a ‘backward’ people to those around us but regardless of how ‘backward’ we may be we’ve still managed to be a community that has hatched some of THE best revolutionaries of all time. Whether that be revolutionaries in the diaspora like Malcolm or MLK or African revolutionaries IN Africa like Djamila Bouhired (Algerian), Nelson Mandela (South African), Thomas Sankara (from Burkina Faso and often referred to as ‘Africa’s Che Guevara’), Patrice Lumumba (Congolese), Julius Nyerere (Tanzanian) etc…. And all those unsung nameless revolutionaries like my great grandpa who camped in the mountains of Morocco for months eating almost nothing but snakes as he fought against the French and their invading forces. To the people around us 'African’ may be an insulting term but to me African is a title to wear with honour. Just you being here and being able to utter that word is a proof of our ancestor’s resilience against the invading forces and people and countries that should have killed and destroyed us all but failed. Anyway goodnight but I love being African, so much. we’re the coolest.

24.05.2016// Day two of a week of habits
Currently reviewing African’s movements of resistance to colonialism for my Africa’s history class.
I’m quite surprised that I’ve been able to do all things I’ve planned even though many unexpected things have occurred. I’m helping into organize a week with seminars about politics at my uni and there is so much to do ;;






By Nimba Mhaat Tiannimbo d'Eburnie.

France is a leech or a mosquito and here is the real face of France: poor ,bandit country.France is like a mosquito,just living by sucking the blood out of you and after injecting malaria bacteria inside you.It is sadly to see many Negroes taking France for grant. This is “your” France that you dream about to go visit,to go see Paris and the Tower Eiffel without knowing that France is nothing but a poor,criminal,corrupt,and nasty country which has built its fake economy by looting Cote d'Ivoire,Congo,and many part of Africa: oil,cocoa,uranium,gold,timber,diamonds,coffee,fruits,natural gas,palm oil,fishes, name it and France has STOLEN it from AFRIKA and she is continuing to do so.When a great African president as Laurent GBAGBO wants to stop the bleeding of AFRIKA by France ,US and others western countries,then they plot a coup d'Etat against him to arrest him and bring him to jail at ICC,The Hague Holland.

The first time Cote d'Ivoire ( Ivory Coast) has become a sovereign,real independent and autonomy country,was between 2000 and 2011 under the regime of president Laurent GBAGBO. Before president Laurent Gbagbo comes to power in 2000, the previous governments of Cote d'Ivoire have always been controlled by France. This poor and bandit European country: France has always placed Cote d'Ivoire( Ivory Coast) and others African countries under its charter despite their “independent” gained for the most part in 1960. On the paper they are “independent” but in reality,they were not. And someone has to break this chain out.This is where president Laurent GBAGBO comes in to shake up things and starts to open the eyes of many African people.

President Laurent GBAGBO was not good for the “interests” of France and that is the reason by 2002,France has organized and financed a rebellion in Cote d'Ivoire to remove him out of power. Even since 2003,the former France’s president Jacques Chirac had threatened president Laurent GBAGBO that he will bring him to the ICC because he was cancelling all the toxic contracts between France and Cote d'Ivoire which were not for the best interest of his people. President Laurent Gbagbo who is an upright and totally committed nationalist and also panafricanist ,who believes that an Afrikan/“ Black” person must do the right things at all times for his people,stands strongly and steadfastly for what he believes to defend his country against the attack of the West. It last almost 10 years to overthrow him.

Everything you see in France was built upon the blood and the resources of African countries in particular Cote d'Ivoire.
France has always used Cote d'Ivoire which possesses tremendous resources:mining,rich cropland,etc as its “milk cow”. France’s companies were pretty much controlling every sectors of the Ivorian economies:banking,agriculture,shipping,mining,etc and president Laurent Gbagbo said: “enough is enough”.
President Laurent Gbagbo,a real and great African intellectual with moral decency,an honor and true Afrikan patriot who really cares very deeply about his traditional African heritages ,his African people,and people in general ,has refused to sell his conscience for just a pity pot of pottage by letting the West and France in particular to suck the Ivorian resources up while his people are struggling.

Now ,do you understand why president Laurent Gbagbo has been brought to ICC to be “judged”,which is nothing but trying to lock him up?

But this will not happen because France is going down and president Gbagbo has opened and continue to open the eyes of the people to see the new war of the West that is itself in social and economic deterioration.This is why the resources-poor Western countries in particular France,is coming back to Africa to loot the resources under the excuse of “fighting against terrorists” as the case of Mali.

Should Black people en masse start learning various martial arts systems

For a people that are constantly abused mstreated and subject to all forms of violence, we seem to not really invest in learning how to fight.

Many of us seem content with the stereotype that Black people are just super macho natural badasses. 

While many of us are naturally gifted. Natural talent can only take you so far.  Training and honing your skills should be a priority.

No matter how many weapons a person has, the strongest one of them all is the brain, and if you train like a fighter, you can see your way out of situations like a fighter. 

It’s hard for any force to come in and just run roughshod over a people who are at the very least trained in hand to hand combat. 

Any martial arts system worth its salt trains the mind as well as the body.

It is full time that it becomes a popular notion among Black people that we need to train our minds and bodies to resist mistreatment. 

Throughout the twentieth century, black women persisted in telling their stories…Their testimonies spilled out in letters to the Justice Department and appeared on the front pages of the nation’s leading black newspapers. Black women regularly denounced their sexual misuse. By deploying their voices as weapons in the wars against white supremacy, whether in the church, the courtroom, or in congressional hearings, African-American women loudly resisted what Martin Luther King, Jr., called the “thingification”, of their humanity. Decades before radical feminists in the women’s movement urges rape survivors to “speak out,” African-American women’s public protests galvanized local, national, and even international outrage and sparked larger campaigns for racial justice and human dignity. When Recy Taylor spoke out against her assailants and Rosa Parks and her allies in Montgomery mobilized in defense of her womanhood in 1944, they joined this tradition of testimony and protest.

Danielle L. McGuire, At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape and Resistance–A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power

(also more reasons why the “wave” way of looking at feminism is problematic as all hell. It ignores the work Black women have been doing by centering the Feminist time-line only on White women’s political work)

Catholic missionaries in Kongo had exposed at least some enslaved Africans to the tenets of Christianity through their work in Kongo. In fact, Protestant missionaries in South Carolina occasionally described “black spirituality” as a curious superstition reminiscent of Catholicism

Rituals of Resistance : African Atlantic Religion in Kongo and the Lowcountry South in the Era of Slavery by Jason R. Young

 (In 1491[a year before Columbus set sail for America], King Nzinga converted to Christianity of his own free will, urging the Kongo nobility and peasant classes to follow suit. To varying degrees, the Kongo kingdom remained Christian for the next 200 years.)

#MuammarGadhafi “All of the good that Muammar Gadhafi did for his people, and the immeasurable contribution he made to the oppressed peoples of the world is catalogued everywhere for those who have eyes to see.

NATO’s war crimes are also catalogued – they went viral, so even in the absence of a court where NATO and their mercenaries can be tried, millions of people worldwide watched, at their computers and TV screens, the horrific war crimes that unfolded in #Sirte and elsewhere in #Libya.

The verdicts are in.

The question is what can be done about it?

The world was quite literally watching and still can watch, anytime they care to google the litany of obscene crimes committed, when a coalition of the most powerful nations on this earth, backed up by the vast majority of Arab and African misleaders, deployed the most sophisticated arsenal of weaponry in the history of the world against a small bastion of African resistance.

In the now famous cities of Sirte and #BaniWalid, Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gadhafi led his people in a courageous battle which lasted for months.

The battles of Sirte and Bani Walid have surely earned their place in the annals of African history.

At his side were his son, #MutassimGadhafi and Libya’s Minister of Defense, and one of the leaders of the 1969 Al Fateh revolution, Major General Abu-Bakr Yunis Jaber.

Decades ago, he and the young Muammar were in the same class at the Military Academy in Benghazi and were co founders of the Free Officers’ Movement which overthrew King Idris.” Gerald Perreria Demons Unleashed in Libya