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Black Farmers of CaliforniaBlack

Documentary photo essay following the life and challenges of Black Farmers in California.

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I see you believe HIV was created in a lab, sorry to burst your bubble, but back then we didn't have the knowledge of DNA so we couldn't have made the virus, without the education of DNA. By that time we barely learned that DNA was important.

ummmm, my bubble is still a shimmering orb of excellence.

Back when? How far is back then?

Polio vaccines were nearing completion in the early 1950’s.

DNA was beginning to be understood in the 1950’s.

It was during these times Africans served as guinea pigs for western scientist to use as test subjects for these vaccines.

This was ground zero for the adverse effects of these failed vaccines; where they studied how some experimental pseudo-medicinal cocktails could break down the human immune system.

Then decades later in the mid to late 70’s and early 80’s we see the emergence of HIV in the same African regions.

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