african monkey


A trip through Ethiopia featuring an amazing desert landscape, a herd of monkeys, the Moon, and some of the people and cities of that country.

taz daemon/hdm au:

magnus: bear
taako: mongoose
merle: owl
lucretia: ibis? lioness? cat?
lup: wolf (as in, loup!)
kravitz: big dog (a la The Grimm)
carey: fox??? do dragonborns daemon differently?
killian: DUCK
angus: african grey parrot or monkey
johan: nightingale (great songster)? lyrebird (great imitator)?
avi: bat? tree shrew (they drink fermented palm nectar and never get fucked up)
robbie pringles: reindeer (they occasionally eat wild shrooms and get Fucked UP)
hurley: ram
sloane: raven
lucas: monkey or parrot

that’s all i have for now!! this might be the next thing i write, depending on my schedule. feel free to leave suggestions or additions, if you have any!!

A baboon plays bassoon from balloons, as requested by dave-the-linguist. Watercolour and pen, 2014.

UPDATE: Now available as a premium art print on DeviantART and Redbubble. Purchase this illustration on posters, mugs, magnets, stickers, clothing, greeting cards and more.

hey im pretty sure that bc this blog is new my posts arent gonna show up in the tags, so im gonna hold off on posting my intro and a starter for a bit !! but hello, im lina, im fifteen, n i live in the cst timezone !! this is garfield, your resident green shape shifter !! i’ll put some basic stuff here bc this is like the intro post to my intro post lmao

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anonymous asked:

I don't understand why white people or Europeans still call black people monkeys or say aids came from Africans having sex with monkeys when science research proves that there is a direct link between rhesus monkeys and european blood lines 🐸☕️

With that being said, aids was created by a United States Viral Biomedical Engineer .

His name is: Robert Gallo. I suggest looking him up. Along with the fact that the United States has a patent for Ebola.

- Susie

russianspacegeckosexparty  asked:

The Dora Milaje helping Monica with a presentation for class, where she's also wearing traditional Wakandan garb + face paint. Kathy Sue's little demon spawn opens his mouth and gets clocked

It was a risk, coming to school with a member of the Dora Milaje and wearing traditional dress. Monica knew that going in, but this project was perfect in her eyes. All she had to do was show off different areas of her culture to the class. She was so proud to be Wakandan so all she had to do was worry about how much was “too much”. 

But then…

Jayden Andrews III opened dat mouf.

“I thought Wakanda was in Africa, don’t all Africans live in huts?”

Monica grins. “No, and there’s nothing wrong with living in a hut anyway.”

Jayden laughs. “I heard Africans were all part monkey. That would explain why Monica is so ugly.”

In a second the Dora Milaje has him by his collar. “You don’t speak to her that way. Have some respect.”

The teacher interferes, much to Monica’s chagrin. Monica points to Jayden, who is seconds away from wetting his pants. “Watch your mouth or I’ll watch it for you.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere

“What’s wrong, Bucky?” Sam asked. “Are you getting that weird ‘Monica’s In  Trouble’ sense again?”

Bucky nods, taking his hand off of his chest. “Yeah, but… I think it was handled?”


San Francisco officers who sent racists texts won’t be punished

After several San Francisco cops exchanged racist text messages in 2012, calling African-Americans “monkeys” among other offensive dialogue, a Superior Court judge ruled Monday that the officers won’t face consequences. The clerical reason why is pretty infuriating. 

Police Chief ‘Compared Black People To Monkeys’ After Racism Complaint

A police chief has resigned after reports stated that he compared black people to monkeys following the arrest of black woman.

Police Chief Marvin Hoover is said to have imitated a monkey when officers told him that the woman they arrested had threatened to sue them for discrimination.

An official report into the incident alleges that Hoover “beat his chest like Tarzan” after decsribing the woman as “an animal”.

The officers in Clatskanie, Oregon, filed a complaint that has resulted in Hoover, 56, resigning from his post.

Officer Dustin Stone said in his complaint, that was seen by U.S. station KOIN 6: “I relayed several of the arrestee’s remarks such as, ‘When you look at me, my black and my nappy hair, all you see is animal.’

“Chief Hoover interrupted me and said, ‘That’s what she is.’”

Hoover then apparently began acting like a monkey, placing his hands under his armpits and scratching them and making monkey noises, according to Officer Stone.

He added: “As Chief Hoover was comparing African-Americans to monkeys, I began to become extremely uncomfortable.


“I have never been in a work environment where a manager, especially an executive officer, is openly racist.”

After being placed on paid leave at the end of August, Hoover has now resigned - and Clatskanie Mayor Diane Pohl paid tribute to him in a public letter.

She wrote: “Thanks Chief Hoover for a job well done.

“You have this community’s gratitude, gratefulness and appreciation.

“Enjoy your retirement knowing we will miss you and wish you all the best.”

Officer Stone has since said that he and his wife have been harassed by residents since filing the report.

He told KOIN: “I’ve already faced a lot of retaliation, my wife’s been forced off the road twice.

“I’ve had people in the community yelling the N-word at me.”

Pic: The Chief/KPTV/Oregon Department of Public Safety