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Maya the baby elephant’s first 10 days (Planet Earth Live)


Donald looked into the camera and wiped the sweat beads off of his forehead with hundred dollar bills. “So I’ve decided I will be leaving the show without leaving any of you africans any money to buy yourselves– what do you guys like? Ankle bracelets? Whatever. Anyway it was nice meeting you all. I hope to see some of you when I visit africa in July.”
You're Much More Likely to Be Sued for Your Debt if You're Black
By Mic

According to a first-of-its-kind report by ProPublica, a quiet but devastating source of financial strain for low-income black families in the St. Louis area comes from lawsuits from companies seeking compensation for unpaid debt. While such lawsuits are also filed against white families, black residents face them at much higher rates. The report found one major utility company in the area successfully sued residents in predominantly black neighborhoods at four times the rate that it did in mostly white ones. And it’s not just a local problem.