african madonna

2015 in a nutshell

-Left shark

-Iggy Azaliea tried to freestyle rap

-Australia got Netflix

-”Netflix n Chill”

-Zayn left One Direction

-That one vine with the African guy saying “okey”

-Madonna kissed Drake

-Sure Jan


-The Kylie Jenner lip challenge

-That other ‘don’t judge’ challenge


-Caitlyn Jenner

-Fuckin Donald Trump

-Vegemite chocolate (wtf??)

-Why you always lying

-Fuckin minions

-Everyone asked Siri what 0 divided by 0 was - she destroyed you

-Now watch me whip…


-What’s good Miley?

-Kayne is running for president in 2020


-Snapchat updates

-Poot Lavato

-Tony Abbott finally is gone

-Drake and his dancing in hotline bling became a new meme

-mmm watcha say

-Uptown Funk

-Adele smashing Tswift out of the water with ‘Hello’

-Everyone likes Justin Bieber’s new music

-Saint West

-That dress that no one could tell the colour of

-The wrong Miss Universe was crowned


M.I.A. &
CL / Nicki Minaj / Beyoncé 
Rihanna / Tyler, The Creator / A$ap Yams
African Boy / Madonna / Diplo
Switch / Swizz Beatz / Kanye West
Lil Wayne / Pharrell Williams / Katy Perry
Hit-Boi / Peaches / Rita Ora / The Partysquad
Yo-landi Vi$$er / Janelle Monáe / Ninja