african lion dog


I feel like the animal kingdom is really underappreciated compared to other disney parks??? it’s so beautiful and calming and is full of animals who are obviously well cared for and live in big open-air spaces designed to be as similar to their natural habitats as possible???? and the company is actually contributing to conservation efforts to save endangered species????? it’s amazing and I have no idea why it gets so much less hype than the other parks. 


This is my baby girl! Signed the adoption papers yesterday!!!

She’s an African Lion Hound (Rhodesian Ridgeback)! She’s a mix between a Dutch and South African dog.

And we all know how much of love the Netherlands!

Life is looking even better. One week until she can come home.

Reblog if you post African themes and habitats!

I want more savanna, semi-desert, scrubland, desert, arid forest content on my dash. But I’m having trouble finding blogs that post that stuff primarily.

I’ll follow anyone that posts this stuff! Doesn’t even have to be the primary thing you post, as long as it’s a decent amount of what you post normally.