african lion dog


Alright y’all. I may be living in rural ghana at the moment, but I finally have decent enough wifi to be on tumblr and upload pictures. WHICH MEANS. Look at my puppy. This is my scrappy butt. I’ve known him since he was six weeks old, and nearly black he was so dark. November sixth he will be five months old, and hopefully by then he can actually come home with me. 

Very short introduction!! This is Gyata (jata, the gy is like in “gym”). In Fanti it means “lion,” and right now the little guy may be all of six pounds or so, which means the people in my village think his name is freaking hilarious. I do too, particularly when he comes running and his ears no longer follow physics. They do weird things, those ears. He’s been my saving grace and the light of my days, ultimately he’s the reason I’ve been having less and less anxiety and more and more energy to actually work. He’s just so care free! Most of the time. He really doesn’t like men… if he sees a group of them and I don’t outright shelter him, Gyata bolts… Something to work on. But for now, LOOK AT MY AFRICAN VILLAGE BABY HE’S SUCH A NERD


I feel like the animal kingdom is really underappreciated compared to other disney parks??? it’s so beautiful and calming and is full of animals who are obviously well cared for and live in big open-air spaces designed to be as similar to their natural habitats as possible???? and the company is actually contributing to conservation efforts to save endangered species????? it’s amazing and I have no idea why it gets so much less hype than the other parks. 

“When asked, hunters suggest several reasons for keeping a dog: as a guard dog for protection against thieves and wild animals, for beautifying the household as a flower (amakongolesa pakhoma ngati maluwa), and, most importantly, to help a man in his hunting pursuits. […] The names given to the hunting dog all tend to be of a personal nature, derived from personal association or habits or from specific incidents relating to the dogs’ owner. Examples are mfiti za limba (‘the strong witch’), zilipano ('it is here,’ so called because a relative was thought to be bewitching his children), alekazao ('leave theirs’) and miseche ('slander’).”

- Brian Morris, on village dogs and hunters in Malawi, in The Power of Animals: An Ethnography (1998)


Finally selling some adoptables!! They don’t have set genders or names, that’s all up to the buyer!
Please DM me or email me at if you’re interested in buying one.

~Prices down below~
Lion: $10
Pointer Puppy: $10
(Large) Rat: $10
Raccoon: $10
African Wild Dog: $10
Skunk: Owned
Hyena: Owned
Bull/Cow: $10


This is my baby girl! Signed the adoption papers yesterday!!!

She’s an African Lion Hound (Rhodesian Ridgeback)! She’s a mix between a Dutch and South African dog.

And we all know how much of love the Netherlands!

Life is looking even better. One week until she can come home.